Invincible Season 2: Will Omni-Man Get Executed & Die?

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Omni-Man Invincible Season 2

Fans are thinking Invincible's Omni-Man could die by the end of Season 2. 

Brought to life by the Oscar-winning J.K. Simmons in the hit Amazon Prime Video series, Omni-Man (aka Nolan Grayson) has already been through the wringer in only one and a half seasons of the animated show. 

Following an emotional confrontation with his budding superhero son in Season 1, Nolan vacated Earth, opting to live amongst the bug-like aliens of Thraxa. 

However, everything changed when he summoned his son, Mark (aka Invincible) to join him. The pair took on mighty warriors from Viltrum (Nolan's home planet) only to have the former 'protector' of Earth captured by his people with his fate hanging in the balance. 

Omni-Man's Invincible Fate Explained

Warning - The rest of this article contains spoilers for Invincible Season 2.

The events of Invincible Season 2's mid-season finale (Episode 4) have some wondering if J.K. Simmons' Omni-Man may not be here long in this comic book world. 

Following a brutal fight that saw Omni-Man (Nolan Grayson) team up with his son Mark (Invincible) to take on his fellow world-conquering Viltrumites, Nolan was captured by the mysterious General Kregg (the leader of the Viltrumite soldiers). 

Omni-Man Mid Season Finale
Prime Video

As Mark lay on the surface of Thraxa, he was told his father would be executed on Viltrum after failing to dominate Earth like he had been tasked to do. 

Instead, Mark would be given that mission with the looming threat that if he did not, there would be hell to pay, likely leaving Earth in ruin. 

Mark Invincible Season 2 Mid-Season
Prime Video

At this point, it remains unknown if Kregg will act upon his plan of executing Omni-Man, but given the precedent set by the series so far, it would not be all that shocking for the show to kill off one of its main characters early on. 

When Nolan is captured by the Viltrumites, he is in rough shape, basically knocking on death's door as it is. So, if he were to die, it would not be surprising. 

Invincible Season 2 General Kregg
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However, given there have been teases of a future where Nolan teams up with his son to rule over Earth (as seen in Angstrom Levy's cold open to Season 2), it would seem Omni-Man somehow makes it out of Viltrum's clutches. 

Of course - with the Multiverse now at play - there is always the chance this Season 2 opener could have been an alternate reality, one in which Omni-Man is never captured by the Viltrumites resulting in the dystopian future Clancy Brown's Angstrom Levy came from. 

What Happens to Nolan in the Invincible Comics?

While fans may think they know where Invincible is going to go with Omni-Man/Nolan Grayson, there is an element of questionability thrown in as the show begins to strategically deviate from its source material. 

In the comics, Nolan is actually captured by the Viltrumites alongside Allen the Alien (played by Seth Rogan in the animated series). 

Invincible Comic Allen and Omni-Man
Image Comics

Allen then helps the all-powerful superhero escape from his people, killing the captors moments before what was supposed to be Nolan's execution. From there, it is revealed there are less than 50 Viltrumites left in the universe, and they likely will not be a threat any longer. 

Allen is presented as being dead in the series, with Peter Cullen's Thaedus tampering with his medical tube in the third episode of Season 2. However, this isn't the case in the comics, with Allen going on to make a full recovery that leads to him helping Omni-Man, which could be the case for the show's adaptation.

Whether Allen truly is dead or not, Nolan will likely figure out some way of getting out of Viltrumite imprisonment.

Omni Man Invincible Viltrumites Comics
Image Comics

Omni-Man is a core piece of the Invincible story, lasting all the way through the end of Robert Kirkman's iconic comic run.

If he were to die in Season 2 of the animated series, it would be a massive departure from the source material and something that would intrinsically change the course of this super-powered story. 

Invincible Season 2 Part 1 is streaming now on Amazon Prime Video. 

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