Invincible Season 2: Why Is Mark So Weak Against Viltrumites?

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Invincible, Mark Grayson and Viltrumite Anissa

After watching the latest episode of Amazon Studios’ Invincible, many fans are wondering what exactly makes the lead hero Mark Grayson so weak compared to other Viltrumites.

What Makes Mark Grayson Weaker Against Viltrumites?

Mary Grayson fighting Viltrumite in Invincible Season 2 Episode 7

In Invincible Season 2, Episode 7, audiences watched Mark Grayson’s titular superhero get beaten to a pulp by Anissa, a newly introduced character (who is highly controversial for what she does to Invincible in the comics).

This gave some pause—after all, they’re both Viltrumites. Shouldn’t Mark hold his own a little better? Well, there are a few reasons why his matchups with other Viltrumites tend to be so mismatched.

The first is that Mark is still growing, inherently putting him at odds with any other of his alien species who is older. This leads right to the second point: experience.

It’s important to remember how Viltrumites can live to be thousands of years old. Seeing as how Mark Grayson is at the very start of that journey, he’ll likely be stuck with lower odds while fighting those particular enemies.

Another element of the equation is how Mark is half-Viltrumite and half-human. While the Viltrumite elements of his DNA tend to take dominance, he’s still not fully one of them.

With how strong Viltrumites are, it is easy to think they don’t have any weaknesses—which would be an incorrect assumption.

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What Are Viltrumites' Weaknesses?

Viltrumites in Invincible Season 2 Episode 4

The rest of this article contains spoilers for Invincible comics.

Certain Sounds & Frequencies

In the comics, it’s established that Viltrumites have very sensitive ears and balanced internals to help make their powers of flight possible.

Because of this, the entire race is susceptible to specific vibrations and frequencies that can throw them off balance and cause severe harm.

The Ravenous Rognarr

The Rognarr are a wild and ravenous alien species the Viltrumites actively fear—notably due to their ability to tear through Viltrumites with relative ease.

Space Racer’s Gun

The gun of a legendary alien called the Space Racer can pierce through Viltrumite flesh without issue. The weapon lies buried on a forgotten planet, hidden by Omni-Man himself.

A Dangerous Plant

While it’s a very specific weakness, the Klaxus plant can poison and weaken Viltrumites.

Internal Attacks

All of those memes regarding sending Ant-Man into Thanos’ butt might have been on to something. It turns out that Viltrumites are particularly susceptible to internal attacks.

The most distinct example of this is when Robot kills an alternate evil Invincible by shooting a bomb down his throat.

Intense Heat

Intense heat can be highly damaging to the healing factor of a Viltrumite. This is showcased in a key battle between two of them late in the comics while they are fighting in the warmth of a literal star.

Invincible Season 2 is now streaming on Amazon Prime Video.

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