Invincible Season 3 Gets Promising Release Update from Showrunner (Exclusive)

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Simon Racioppa, the showrunner for Amazon Studios’ Invincible, just offered up a promising update for Season 3 of the hit animated series.

The existence of Season 3 has never been a mystery for fans. After all, both the second and third seasons were renewed at the same time.

However, seeing as there was a nearly three-year gap between Season 1 and Season 2, fans are understandably worried they’ll be facing the same wait for Season 3. It doesn’t help that the current batch of episodes was also given a big hiatus in the middle of them.

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When Will Invincible Season 3 Release?

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While speaking exclusively with The Direct's Russ Milheim, Invincible showrunner and producer Simon Racioppa shared a hopeful update on Season 3’s release window.

When asked how long the gap between Season 2's finale and Season 3's premiere will be, Racioppa confirmed the team is "deep" into Season 3's production and that there "will not be the same wait between [seasons] 1 and 2," which ended up being two-and-a-half years:

"Amazon picked up two and three together. So, we are deep in Season 3 at this point. So I can't tell you exactly [when], but I can tell you it will not be the same wait between [seasons] 1 and 2... We're well in progress on Season 3, and it's coming along great."

Dealing with the "ramifications" of what "happened in Season 2" is "half the fun of Season 3," the showrunner went on to admit, teasing a handful of "new challenges for [their] characters:"

"Half the fun of Season 3 is like, 'Oh my God, we have to deal with all the stuff that happened in Season 2 and all that ramifications of that, all of the reverberations of that, all the trauma from that' And how does that change our characters going forward? So that's really fun because we have these new challenges for our characters in Season 3… So it's like, how do we keep all the previous seasons still relevant and in our minds, and in our character's minds when we go forward? So that's super fun and exciting."

The showrunner further reiterated that, continuing in Season 3, his team always "wants [their] characters to keep on evolving" while still putting out "a big, exciting superhero show:"

"We want our characters to keep on evolving, we want our world to keep on evolving, we want things to change, but still feel real. That stuff is, you know, it's great. Like, we have a great writers room. We all sit down, we all go through all that stuff. We talk about how that would change our characters and how they would feel differently. And then, of course, we still want to make it a big, exciting superhero show. So it's like blending all that stuff together as hopefully what gets us a really great season."

Racioppa spoke about how he loves that the story they are telling already has a set beginning and ending thanks to the 144-issue original comic series:

"The thing about our show that excites me the most and one of the reasons that I loved, you know, coming on even Season 1, was that 'Invincible,’ it starts here, and it ends here… 144 issues later and everything sort of progresses along. We never reset. We never go back. It's never like, 'Well, that happened last year. What's our adventure for this year?'"

What's Next for Invincible Season 3 and Beyond?

Many will be excited to hear the team is already deep in production on Season 3, as it paints the picture that a massive break between new episodes won't be nearly as big as before.

Racioppa’s words align with Robert Kirkman’s words last year when the show and original comic series creator confirmed that the break between Season and Season 2 should be “the longest gap [they] should ever have.”

Fingers crossed Amazon Studios can go ahead and greenlight Season 4 and beyond so that those can similarly get production started way ahead of time. The show is such a big hit one would assume the powers that be would feel safe giving it a green light to tell the story to its already set conclusion.

As for what Season 3 will bring to the table, it is hard to say, with Season 2 not yet done. However, Racioppa did confirm in a separate interview with CoveredGeekly that they’ve cast their Oliver Grayson—so there's at least one thing to expect.

The real question is, what exactly is happening with the live-action Invincible movie that is confirmed in development? The story of the series works so in the form of an animated show and its original comics, but many are unsure how it would translate into the span of a single movie.

That, however, is a dilemma for the future.

Invincible Season 2 is now streaming on Amazon Prime Video.

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