Invincible Season 2's Release Date Gap Won't Happen Again, Reveals Creator

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After years of waiting for Invincible Season 2, the show's creator revealed the release date gaps going forward will not be nearly as long. 

The hit animated show - based on Robert Kirkman's super-powered comic series - first debuted on Amazon Prime Video back in March 2021. 

However, following the events of that first batch of episodes fans have been antsy to know when the show's sophomore effort would finally make itself known. 

Now, almost three years later, Season 2 is ready for prime time, with the lengthy wait seemingly being accredited to "COVID" and having "to rebuild the team," according to Kirkman. 

Fans Won't Have To Wait Long For More Invincible

Invincible in Season 2
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According to Invincible creator Robert Kirkman, the release date gaps going forward for the fan-favorite animated series will not be nearly as long as it was between Season 1 and Season 2. 

Speaking in an interview with Variety, Kirkman addressed the lengthy wait fans have had for the imminent Season 2. 

The renowned comic creator remarked that "the goal" is to keep these season-to-season gaps tighter moving forward:

Variety: "You’ve said that the full arc of the comic could run for seven or eight seasons. Now that you’ve got your production rhythms back up from the COVID shutdown, is there hope to have a new season every year?"

Kirkman: "That is the goal."

However, Kirkman added "the gap between Season 1 and 2 is the longest gap we should ever have:"

"The realities of animation may make that a little difficult, but what I can guarantee is that the gap between Season 1 and 2 is the longest gap we should ever have, you know, barring some unforeseen catastrophe."

The Invincible and The Walking Dead author then offered up a timeframe for when fans should expect more seasons of the superhero series, pontificating, " It may be every 18 months or 16 months or 13 months:"

"It may be every 18 months or 16 months or 13 months or every 12 months. We’re still trying to figure that out."

This comes mere days before Season 2 kicks off its run on Prime Video, with Episode 1 debuting on Friday, November 3

The first four episodes of Season 2 will then be released weekly following its premiere. And the second four episodes will come sometime in early 2024.

Why Did Invincible Season 2 Take So Long?

After the long-gestating first season of Invincible was finally released in 2021, fans thought they were in for frequent additions being made to this super-powered world. 

However, the Invincible faithful were instead left with relative silence, having to sit and wait for Robert Kirkman and crew to cook up this next batch of episodes. 

Of course, audiences would eventually start getting a trickle of information - and even an animated side story centered on Atom Eve - but it did not make the wait any easier. 

COVID was the key factor for why it took so long to get Season 2, but there was another major factor that held things back. 

Kirkman previously told MovieWeb that the "animation process" had a lot to do with the delay, saying they were "pushing the limits of what can be done in animation" which would take a long time.

Hopefully, Kirkman and co. now have a more streamlined process and fans will not have to wait too long between Invincible Seasons again. 

The animated series has already been renewed for Season 3, and voice recording for that third batch of episodes has even been completed. So, this is a good sign for those who will be itching for more after the end of the upcoming Season 2. 

Invincible Season 2 debuts on Amazon Prime Video on Friday, November 3. 

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