Invincible Season 3 Gets Exciting Release Update from Star

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Mark Grayson in Invincible

A voice actor from Invincible gave fans a thrilling new update on when Season 3 could be released on Amazon Prime Video.

Starring the likes of Steven Yeun and J.K. Simmons, Invincible Season 2 upped the ante to new levels, particularly with Mark Grayson going toe-to-toe with the Viltrumites as they put his father on trial.

Although fans had a lengthy wait between the end of Season 1 and the start of Season 2, show personnel already confirmed the wait will not be nearly as long for the next set of episodes.

Invincible Star Shares Season 3 Release Update

Atom Eve and Mark Grayson together In Invincible Season 2 finale

Speaking at a panel at GalaxyCon Oklahoma City, Invincible star Ross Marquand updated fans on Season 3's progress.

Marquand took the stage to share that Season 3 is "almost wrapped." He also noted that fans should watch for an early 2025 release timeframe for Season 3, even though showrunner Robert Kirkman would not want him saying anything:

"'Invincible' Season 3, we’re almost wrapped on that. That’s gonna be coming out probably…I don’t want to speak for…because Robert [Kirkman] would be like ‘Don’t tell people anything because we don’t know,’ but I have a feeling it’s probably gonna be early next year."

This also comes after Invincible comic writer Ryan Ottey indicated in early April that it would be "just one [year]" until fans get a new season.

While no official release date or window has been confirmed, it's safe for fans to expect Season 3's premiere to fall between January 2025 and April 2025.

What Will Invincible Season 3 Be About?

On top of a new black-and-blue supersuit for Mark Grayson, Season 3 will see a major falling out between Mark and Cecil while Mark officially dives into a romantic relationship with Atom Eve.

Fans can likely expect a trip down memory lane with a long-awaited look at Cecil Stedman's backstory, including when he first met Omni-Man years before Invincible's first episode.

Omni-Man should also be set to work with Allen the Alien to escape imprisonment from the Viltrumites, especially since his execution is likely to be set for early in the season.

Combine those events with the upcoming battle against the Viltrum Empire and the classic comic arc known as the "Invincible War," which all starts after an encounter with Angstrom Levy, and next season should have no shortage of excitement.

The first two seasons of Invincible are streaming on Amazon Prime Video. Season 3 is expected to arrive sometime in 2025.

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