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With Invincible Season 2 having come to a close, you may be eager to learn what happens next. Luckily, the comics have all the answers.

Over its first two seasons, the Amazon Prime Video show has proven to be a faithful adaptation of the Invincible comics — relatively unsurprising, given Robert Kirkman's positions at the helm of both.

Produced by Image Comics, the main line of Invincible comics ran for 144 issues, from January 2003-February 2018.

Season 1 of the animated series primarily covered issues #1-13, but has some elements all the way through issue #37. Additionally, 2023's Invincible: Atom Eve special covers the events of Atom Eve issues #1 and #2.

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Where Does Invincible Season 2 End in the Comics?

Invincible issue 51 comic cover

Warning: The remainder of this article contains spoilers for the Invincible comics, Invincible Season 2, Episode 8, and potential future plot points for the Invincible television series.

The Invincible comics are stuck to extremely faithfully in the Amazon Prime Video series, but the chronologies of events occur somewhat differently in each version — particularly as it pertains to the second half of Season 2.

As such, there is not a simple place to start reading that covers exclusively events post-Season 2, without sacrificing a couple plot points here and there.

The Simple Answers:

The two best places to begin reading Invincible comics if you're looking to continue from where Season 2 ended are with Issue #51 or Issue #49.

My personal recommendation is beginning with #51, and if you are looking for the most simple starting point, begin reading at #51. Just know that a couple plot points have happened in the comic that have not been covered in the show just yet.

Issue #51 marks the first time Mark Grayson wears the blue-and-black superhero suit, teased in the title cards throughout Season 2. It also sees the first cover with the tagline "All New All Awesome."

As such, as a comics fan, I consider Issue #51 as a re-launch, of sorts. It marks the beginning of a new chapter of the Invincible story — the chapter which it appears will be the basis for Invincible Season 3.

Issue #49 is a relatively simple starting point, too, as it is the first issue to almost exclusively feature events that have not been adapted into the animated series yet. However, it picks up mid-story, making it not the most new-reader-friendly option.

Think of starting at Issue #49 as starting at #51, but getting a little bit more context.

The Not-So-Simple Answers:

If you are looking to start at one of the first major plot points not covered in Invincible Season 2, your best bet is to start with Issue #35.

Issue #34 has a lot of similarities to the Invincible Season 2 finale, as it has the future Guardians of the Globe save Mark from being stranded in an alternate dimension after seemingly killing Angstrom Levy.

At the end of Issue #34, Mark's younger brother Oliver shows the first sign of his powers developing — something that has not happened in the show quite yet.

However, Issues #35-48 primarily focus on the events of Invincible Season 2, Part 2. For instance, though we haven't yet seen Oliver with his superpowers in the show, we have met Anissa. Anissa's introduction and fight with Mark both happen in Issue #44.

Another option is to start with Issue #46, as Issue #45 ends the same way Invincible Season 2 does — with Nolan Grayson revealing that he misses his wife. However, Issues #47 and #48 include events you have already seen in Invincible Season 2.

Where To Read Invincible Comics

The best way to read Invincible is to go to your Local Comic Shop (LCS) and buy a collection. If you don't know where your nearest LCS is, ComicShopLocator.com can help you find it.

You can theoretically look for individual issues in your LCS' back-issue archive, but you are far more likely to find what you're looking for by picking up either a Trade Paperback (a graphic novel that collects roughly five issues that typically will tell one cohesive arc) or an Omnibus (a giant, giant book collecting entire runs of a comic).

You'll want to begin with any of the following titles if your goal is to start from where Season 2 left off using any of the above strategies:

  • Invincible Compendium Vol. 2 (collects Issues #48-96)
  • Invincible Vol. 8: My Favorite Martian (collects Issues #36-41)
  • Invincible Vol. 10: Who's the Boss? (collects Issues #48-53)
  • Invincible Vol. 11: Happy Days (collects Issues #54-59)

All of these, as well as every previous or future Invincible comic, are also available on Amazon, for either physical purchase or to buy as e-books.

You can also read the full first issue of Invincible — which, of course, inspired Season 1, Episode 1 — for free on Image Comics' website, as long as you are at least 18 years old.

What Comics Will Be In Invincible Season 3?

Invincible War comic cover

It is more than likely that at least the first half (if not the entirety) of Invincible Season 3 will cover the build-up to, events during, and fallout of Invincible War.

Invincible War is a single-issue event — Issue #60, to be exact — from the Invincible comics. It features a fight between the heroes and an army of evil Invincible variants from across the Multiverse.

Mark (as in, the main Mark we've been following throughout the show) sports the black-and-blue suit in the build-up to and fallout of Invincible. Given the tease for this suit in the Season 2 title cards, it makes sense that this would be where the story goes next.

Before and after Issue #60 are key arcs that build up to Invincible War — arcs fans could expect to see adapted in some capacity in Season 3.

Notably, Oliver will likely develop his powers at the beginning of Season 3. If the comics are any indication, he will eventually fight side-by-side with his brother as the story continues.

Additionally, Mark and Atom Eve start dating during this time in the Invincible comics. Their first kiss comes in Issue #50, in fact — right before the black-and-blue suit makes its first appearance.

This arc was teased at the end of Invincible Season 2, Episode 8, with future-Atom Eve revealing to Mark that she had loved him, and wished he had told her definitively whether he reciprocated. It seemed that Mark almost brought it up to present-day-Atom Eve on the bridge, before deciding against it.

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The entirety of Invincible Seasons 1 and 2 are available to stream on Amazon Prime Video.

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