Invincible Season 2 Makes 1 Key Change to Angstrom Levy

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Invincible Season 2 big bad Angstrom Levy debuted in the new season's first episode with one particularly noticeable difference from his comic counterpart.

After more than two years of waiting, fans can finally watch the premiere of Invincible's second season, with the first episode of the show now available to stream on Amazon Prime Video.

A new member of the cast, Sterling K. Brown, debuted in the show with the new season, playing Angstrom Levy, a multiverse-hopping villain familiar to Invincible comics fans.

1 Main Angstrom Levy Difference in Show from Comics

Given that, overall, the Invincible animated series tends to stay relatively faithful to its source comics, fans were likely not surprised to see Sterling K. Brown's Angstrom Levy introduced in Season 2 sporting multiverse-hopping abilities.

However, some may have expected a slightly different evil scheme from the character than what was introduced in the first episode's post-credit scene.

Angstrom Levy, shirtless and covered in blood, with seemingly brain-like skin extending down the back of his head like hair. He stands with his arms bent at the elbows on a starry and cloudy night, amid a pile of seemingly rubble.
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In both versions of the story, Levy begins as a man with Multiverse-jumping abilities, and becomes an amalgamation of several different alternate versions of himself, a change reflected by a deformed appearance. Both in the comics and in the show, too, Levy blames Mark Grayson (Invincible) for causing this.

Angstrom Levy, shirtless and wearing black pants, with blood splattered across his body and his brain extending down his back like hair, stands in front of one of the Mauler twins, who has half his face deformed, surrounded by clouds and rubble, and says
Image Comics

In the comics, he vows then and there that using the knowledge from all the versions of himself that are now combined into one consciousness, he will take revenge on that universe's Invincible, the one who caused him to transform into what he is.

Angstrom Levy, shirtless and covered in blood, with seemingly brain-like skin extending down the back of his head like hair puts a hand on the shoulder of one of the Mualer twins, who has half of him deformed and also blood-splattered. They stand in the center of seemingly piles of rubble.
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The show features a near-identical scene, but with one key difference. Levy doesn't specify that he will find simply the version of Invincible that caused him to change into his new form. 

Rather, he seems to imply that he wants to seek out versions of Invincible from across the multiverse, as he now has the memories of all those he loved and lost from more than just his own original universe.

He explains that every version of Angstrom Levy that now makes up his new self in his new form adds to his full, collective memory, saying "they're all my memories, all of them."

This implies that Angstrom no longer sees himself as just the version fans saw throughout the episode, combined with other Angstroms from other universes.

Rather, he is equally all of these individual parts, no more Angstrom from one universe than another. As such, he would want to seek out all the versions of Invincible whom he blames, not simply the one fans saw in this Angstrom's individual universe.

An Even More Dangerous Levy

As if a villain that is an amalgamation of several versions of himself, all intent on hunting Invincible down and destroying him, was not scary enough, imagine that on a multiversal scale.

If Levy truly wants many versions of Invincible all to suffer, that not only makes him even scarier conceptually, but also makes him a massive threat to more than just Mark and his family. He becomes a threat to every universe's Invincible, every universe's Grayson family, and every single person who Invincible is working toward saving in each of those universes.

Plus, a villain with motivation that extends beyond finding one person and destroying him and his family will likely be even harder to fight, as he will be even more driven to accomplish his task.

If this is the direction Season 2 is taking for the character, then this villain is truly raising the show's stakes even higher than anyone could have anticipated.

The first episode of Invincible Season 2 is currently available to stream on Amazon Prime Video.

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