Invincible Season 2: All 19 Superheroes Confirmed to Appear (Photos)

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Invincible Season 2 superheroes

Season 2 of Invincible is just a few weeks away from its November 3 premiere, and it boasts 18 characters with superpowers confirmed to appear as of now.

The first season of the Amazon Prime Video animated series, based on the Image Comics of the same name by Robert Kirkman, Cory Walker, and Ryan Ottley, tackled darker and more angst-ridden sides of superhero stories.

Unafraid to show blood and gore in its more graphic moments, the show also tackles several poignant conversations about the burdens of expectations, and the danger of deception, among others.

The Super-Powered Cast of Invincible Season 2

Season 2 of Invincible has a large cast of characters, not all of whom have powers. But, 18 confirmed appearances will continue to bring the fantastic and comic-book-like elements to the next batch of episodes.

So, who all will be appearing, and what are their powers?

1.) Invincible (Mark Grayson)

Mark Grayson Invincible
Prime Video

Not surprising to fans, the titular hero, Invincible (Mark Grayson), will be returning for the upcoming second season, voiced by Steven Yeun.

The character is a mix of human and Viltrumite — the alien species of his father, Omni-Man — and has several superhuman abilities. Mark is equipped with super strength, speed, stamina and durability, the power of flight, a strong, but limited, healing factor, enhanced lung capacity, and longevity.

2.) Omni-Man (Nolan Grayson)

Omni-Man in Invincible Season 2
Prime Video

Oddly missing from the season 2 poster, Omni-Man (played by J.K. Simmons) still is confirmed to appear in the next set of episodes. Invincible's father, Nolan Grayson was the villain of the first season of the show. In its second season, Mark will grapple with his own fear of one day becoming his father.

Omni-Man is a Viltrumite, and so innately possess several abilities including super strength and super speed, as well as sonic boom generation. He has superhuman stamina, durability, and senses, enhanced lung capacity, the power of flight, a healing factor, and longevity.

3.) Atom Eve (Samantha Eve Wilkins)

Atom Eve Invinicble
Prime Video

Played by Gillian Jacobs, Atom Eve (Samantha Even Wilkins) is fresh off her special July prequel episode, Invincible: Atom Eve, and has a big presence in the show's first season.

Atom Eve's powers are a result of government experimentation, and can all be categorized under "subatomic manipulation." More specifically, these abilities include energy-enhanced punches, energy manipulation and constructs, flight and gliding atop an energy beam, telekinesis, matter manipulation and transmutation, and small-scale reality warping and mind-altering.

4.) Robot (Rudy Connors) and the Robot clone

Robot Invincible
Prime Video

In Invincible's early episodes, Rudolph "Rudy" Connors (voiced by Zachary Quinto) operated a robot aptly named Robot. With the help of cloning and DNA, the frail, almost fetus-like Rudy was able to transfer his consciousness into a clone body (voiced by Ross Marquand in season one, but not season two) and the original Robot body died.

Interestingly, the poster for Season 2 of the show features both the clone body and the Robot machine, but they do come from the same source in the original Robot. The new Rudy clone and the original body both have a neurolink that allows them to control robotic drones, but otherwise don't have any standard superpowers. However, Robot/Robot Clone's intelligence may be considered superhuman by many.

5.) Rex Splode (Rex Sloan)

Rex Splode Invincible
Prime Video

Jason Mantzoukas voices Rex Splode (Red Sloan), a former Teen Team member who now operates with the new Guardians of the Globe, formed after the original team's murder.

Rex Splode has one main power, gained through experimentation — the ability to make anything explode after charging it with energy. However, he also does have enhanced durability, and agility which helps him keep up with the teams.

6.) Dupli-Kate (Kate Cha)

Dupli Kate Invinicible
Prime Video

Like Rex Splode, Dupli-Kate (voiced by Malese Jow) was on the Teen Team before being recruited into the new Guardians of the Globe.

Kate Cha has the ability to replicate herself, creating one duplicate Dupli-Kate at a time — sometimes even consecutively. The clones, who have independent feelings and thoughts, are linked to the original Kate telepathically and ultimately are re-absorbed into her. Her powers are fairly mysterious, though, with many of the semantics not made clear in the first season.

7.) Shrinking Rae (Rachel)

Shrinking Rae Invincible
Prime Video

One of the young heroes recruited to the Guardians of the Globe from the try-out is Shrinking Rae, voiced by Grey Griffin.

As her name suggests, Shrinking Rae can make herself any size smaller than she is at her normal height. Unlike other heroes with similar powers (Ant-Man, for instance), she can only make herself smaller, not larger. Plus, she can certainly hold her own in a fight.

8.) Monster Girl (Amanda)

Monster Girl Invincible
Prime Video

Don't let appearances deceive when it comes to Monster Girl. Amanda, played in human form by Grey Griffin and in monster form by Kevin Michael Richardson, is a 24-year-old woman, despite looking like a young girl.

Not only that, but this Guardian of the Globe can turn into a massive, green monster too. Each time she does this, though, she ages slightly in reverse. In her monster form, Monster Girl has a healing factor, superhuman durability, and super strength.

9.) Allen the Alien

Allen the Alien Invincible
Prime Video

Voiced by Seth Rogen, Allen the Alien came to Earth by mistake, thinking he was visiting a planet called Urath. He fought against Invincible, not realizing Mark wasn't who he meant to seek out and fight.

Allen is of the Unopian alien species, and has several superpowers, including super strength, durability and speed, flight, telepathy, a healing factor, and what the wiki calls "reactive adaptability."

10.) Black Samson (Markus Grimshaw)

Black Samson Invincible
Prime Video

Black Samson, voiced by Khary Payton, was an original member of the Guardians of the Globe before he lost his powers. He rejoined the team with his re-gained powers the last audiences saw him.

The superhero has super strength and a knack for hand-to-hand combat.

11.) The Mauler Twins (Mauler(s) and Clone(s))

Mauler Twins Invincible
Prime Video

No, the Mauler Twins are not actually twins, but Mauler and his clone. However, neither knows which is the original and which is the clone — a trend carried out with all duplicates.

Early adversaries in the first season, the twins (both played by Kevin Michael Richardson) have super strength, super durability, and regenerative healing factors.

12.) The Immortal

The Immortal Invincible
Prime Video

This is a character whose name can and should be taken literally. Seemingly killed by Omni-Man along with the rest of the original Guardians of the Globe, The Immortal (played by Ross Marquand) came back, only to be killed once again. This has been a pattern for millennia, in fact. 

Last fans saw him, his remains were recovered by the Global Defense Agency, hoping to revive him again — something that seems to have been accomplished, given his presence on the second season's poster.

In addition to his immortality and ability to be resurrected, The Immortal boasts super strength, durability, speed, and stamina, the ability to fly, and a regenerative healing factor.

13.) Doc Seismic

Don Seismic Invincible
Prime Video

Another supervillain confirmed for the new season, Doc Seismic is voiced by 
Chris Diamantopoulos.

As his name suggests, Doc Seismic's abilities revolve around earthquakes, though they originate from wristbands, not his own physiology. His genius intellect is noteworthy too, though his super-villainy does cloud that a little.

14.) Killcannon

Killcannon Invincible
Prime Video

In all honesty, Killcannon is not the most noteworthy of the Season 1 villains, besides being the first to lose to Invincible. Only appearing in two episodes, the villain is unceremoniously thrown into a wall by Invincible after leaving jail for earlier crimes.

Killcannon is equipped with a power suit, which has the ability to shoot lasers.

15.) Lizard League Member(s)

Lizard League Invincible
Prime Video

The Season 2 poster shows a blond member of the Lizard League. While there is speculation that Tatiana Maslany will return to the Queen Lizard role she played in the Invincible: Atom Eve special, the Lizard League member doesn't look like the queen in her past iteration.

At one point, the league had a gun that transformed people into snakes. Otherwise, its presence before season two is less notable than other entries on this list.

16.) Shapesmith

Shapesmith Invincible
Image Comics

Shapesmith is one of three characters to not have a voice actor announced as playing him yet, but he is visible clear as day on the second season's poster.

Seen only very briefly in the first season, fans don't yet know the extent of the Martian's powers. However, his comic counterpart has elasticity, super strength and durability, and the ability to regenerate.

17.) Darkwing II

Darkwing Invincible
Prime Video

The original Darkwing (voiced by Lennie James) was a member of the original Guardians of the Globe, who was killed. Based on the trailer, fans now know to expect to see the second iteration of the hero in the new season, though no voice actor has been announced.

The first Darkwing had no powers but utilized gadgets and skills in hand-to-hand combat. The running theory is that Darkwing II is the same as Nightboy, Darkwing's assistant and successor as the protector of Midnight City.

18.) Bulletproof

Bulletproof Invincible
Image Comics

Zandale Randolph, also known as Bulletproof, can be seen sporting a similar costume to Invincible on the second season's poster. No voice actor for the character has been announced.

In the comics, Bulletproof's powers include energy absorption, not needing to breathe, eat, or drink in order to survive, flight (and fast flight, at that), invulnerability, a healing factor, super reflexes, speed, stamina, and strength.

19.) Angstrom Levi

Angstrom Levi Invincible
Image Comics

Angstrom Levi was confirmed as the villain for Season 2 of Invincible and will be played by Sterling K. Brown. A quick Google search will offer viewers a depiction of the villain that appears to be missing from the new season's poster. But, eagle-eyed fans may notice that Angstrom appears multiple times on the poster, just appearing very differently than a cursory glance would make fans expect.

Regardless, along with high intelligence, Angstrom Levi has the ability to travel to other universes besides his, making him a character with tons of possibilities going into the new season.

Who Is Missing?

One major super-powered character is still missing from the posters and list of confirmed returning characters.

First, Damien Darkblood, the demon detective played by Clancy Brown who was sent back to Hell by the end of season one, is not listed. Having been a major force in uncovering the truth about Omni-Man in the first season, Damien's absence is noteworthy.

However, there is still plenty of time to speculate and wait for announcements, as season two premieres on Amazon Prime Video on November 3.

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