Invincible Season 2 Episode 5 Release Date & Time Change Gets Announced

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Invincible Season 2 Mark Grayson

The wait for Invincible Season 2 Episode 5 is finally coming to an end. After months, the second season will continue, right from where Episode 4 left off last November, kicking off a new release schedule for the Amazon Prime Video series.

Starring Steven Yeun, J.K. Simmons, Sandra Oh, and many more, Invincible has, for the last season and a half, been telling a more grounded superhero story than fans of the genre may be used to.

At that, it is not afraid to get dark, bloody, and violent — and Season 2 Part 2 doesn't look to be changing this.

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Invincible Gets New Release Schedule

On Wednesday, March 13, a post on the Invincible X page announced a release time change, ahead of the premiere of Season 2, Episode 5.

In addition to featuring a panel featuring Rus Livingston from the Invincible comics saying "soon," the post revealed that Season 2, Part 2 will release new episodes at midnight PT (3 a.m. ET) on Thursdays.

As such, the second half of Season 2 will seemingly have the following release schedule:

  • Thursday, March 14, 3 a.m. ET: Season 2, Episode 5
  • Thursday, March 21, 3 a.m. ET: Season 2, Episode 6
  • Thursday, March 28, 3 a.m. ET: Season 2, Episode 7
  • Thursday, April 5, 3 a.m. ET: Season 2, Episode 8
Mark Grayson in Invincible, holding his younger half-brother
Amazon Prime Video

A day before release, DiscussingFilm shared a preview of the upcoming episode on X (formerly Twitter).

In one of the first frames shown, fans are instantly reminded of where last season left off — Mark, grappling with the fact that his father got married again and had a child (a purple child, at that).

Seemingly Rus Livingston from Invincible covered in tiny brains and brain goo.
Amazon Prime Video

Glimpses of sequids bursting through a wall, and covered around someone who looks like Rus Livingston.

Interestingly, the sequid goo is reminiscent of Angstrom Levy's aesthetic. This makes sense, given that the villain was only introduced and teased in the season's first half, so will likely get much more attention in the second.

Invincible and The Guardians of the Globe
Amazon Prime Video

It ends with the Guardians of the Globe, teamed up to fight the goo, before a montage of exciting, gory clips, with Jason Mantzoukas' Rex Splode narrating, "Like there's gonna be two huge, world-shattering emergencies at the same time."

If the plot of the show up until this point is any indicator, Rex Splode will likely be proven wrong.

This is not the only piece of preview footage shared close to release, with Rotten Tomatoes posting a clip to its X account too.

The minute-long snippet showed some of the Guardians of the Globe, along with Invincible and Atom Eve, gathering on a spaceship, prepping for a mission.

Atom Eve revealed a "suit of armor" so she would not be "vulnerable" to what they were fighting. Finally, Rex Splode gave what could liberally be considered a pep talk to the crew, before exiting the ship, as he was seemingly not joining the team in space.

What To Expect In Invincible's Next Episodes

Fans will see the continuation of many loose plot threads from the first half of Season 2.

Especially following a Star Wars-meme from the official Invincible social media account, many fans may be wondering how Allen survived following his gruesome seeming death. Granted, though, this is not the first resurrection in Invincible, after Donald's return (and matching meme) in Season 2's first half.

Additionally, Spectacular Spider-Man voice actor Josh Keaton revealed that he would be appearing in one of the episodes, and the Invincible account added that who he is playing would give away "huge spoilers for Part 2!!!" Not to raise hopes too highly, but an Invincible and Spider-Man crossover comic did happen, so it is not entirely out of the realm of possibility to see it adapted.

On top of all of this, fans can look forward to more of the family dynamics between Mark and Nolan's new family that was first introduced in Season 2, Episode 4, and more about the budding romance between Robot and Monster Girl.

Invincible Season 2, Episode 5 drops on Thursday, March 14, at midnight PST, 3 a.m. EST.

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