Invincible Season 2 Just Resurrected 1 Major Dead Character

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Invincible Season 2 resurrected a key character that was thought to be long gone by now. 

Donald, who was Cecil's right-hand man at the Pentagon in Season 1, was thought to be tragically killed toward the end of Invincible's first batch of episodes. But now viewers are expected to believe something different. 

Some fans noticed Donald was included in promo material for Invincible Season 2 and saw it as a potential oversight since he shouldn't be around anymore, but the promotional poster ended up not being a mistake at all. 

Season 1 Character Resurrected in Invincible Season 2  

Donald, Poe Dameron
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Invincible Season 2 resurrected Donald from the dead in its first episode, but the show hasn't offered any reasoning as to why. 

Omni-Man killing Donald, Invincible Season 1
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Fans will remember how Donald was all but killed by Omni-Man before sacrificing himself in an explosion to try to stop the rogue hero. 

Even if Donald managed to survive Omni-Man's spine-shattering attack, the explosion Donald set off to try to kill the alien attacker would have surely finished him off. 

Donald and Cecil, Invincible Season 2
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When Cecil teleports to the Pentagon during Season 2's debut episode, though, Donald is there monitoring the new Guardians of the Globe. 

If that isn't strange enough, his only line of dialogue is Donald advocating for Mark Grayson, advising Cecil they could use Invincible's help despite everything that just went down with Omni-Man. 

Donald and Omni-Man, Invincible Season 1
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Why Did Invincible Season 2 Revive Donald? 

This unexpected resurrection is tough to explain with the current information, but the Season 1 recap that played ahead of the premiere's opening moments was keen on featuring Donald's death, showing that the streaming series is at least aware of its current contradiction. 

Season 2's debut episode also confirmed the wreckage from Donald's explosion is still waiting to be cleaned up across the street from Mark Grayson's home, implying that the characters are trying to cope with the tragic event. 

Although this could be one of Season 2's tricks related to its promise to start toying with multiverse implications, the scene including Donald in the season opener was certainly within the main universe where his death occurred. 

The Amazon Prime Video special titled Atom Eve that debuted ahead of Season 2 also entertained the idea of secret government programs in the Invincible universe that cross some major boundaries in the human rights department, so Donald's resurrection could be a result of the Pentagon's unknown experiments. 

If that's the case, then it may explain Donald's lack of hesitation to suggest recruiting Invincible. Similar to how Phil Coulson was revived in Agents of SHIELD following his death in 2012's The Avengers, Donald may not even know that he was killed by Omni-Man; rather, he may have been restored to a previous version of himself without the recollection of his death. 

Fans will likely learn more of Donald's demise in later episodes, but fans of the show may have to accept that Mark Grayson isn't the only character who's invincible. 

New episodes of Invincible Season 2 stream on Fridays on Amazon Prime Video. 

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