Harley Quinn Season 4 Producer Spoils Big Change for Batman In New Episodes

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Batman, Harley Quinn

Batman will go through a major change in Season 4 of Harley Quinn, according to comments on spoilers for the new season from a producer on the show.

Batman is on a major hot streak this year in terms of appearances across the DC Universe, with two different Caped Crusaders popping up in The Flash before he returns to the animated Harley Quinn show on Max.

And along with Harley Quinn's blossoming romance with Poison Ivy, Kaley Cuoco's antihero is set to cross paths with plenty more of DC's biggest names as Bruce Wayne lurks in the background.

Batman Plot Points Spoiled for Harley Quinn Season 4

Batman, Harley Quinn

Harley Quinn Season 4 producer Cecilia Aranovich Hamilton spoke with Screen Rant about the upcoming season, revealing a minor spoiler that Batman will be seen in jail moving forward.

This comes after the Caped Crusader was arrested for tax evasion at the end of Harley Quinn's A Very Problematic Valentine's Day Special.

Hamilton noted how interesting it is to "[remove] Batman from the equation" for the time being, with the Bat Family now taking over the spotlight and seeing "a lot of comedic situations:"

"It’s great having the Bat Family. And it’s interesting because we removed Batman from the equation. Bruce is in jail, as we saw at the end of season 3. So, this is the younger members of the Bat Family... Night Wing and Bat Girl and Robin, and now you have this X factor, which is Harley. They’re put in a lot of comedic situations."

She added that fans will spend "a lot of time with Bruce in jail" in this upcoming season as he appears in different episodes, with both he and Harley Quinn learning more about themselves along the way:

"We spend a lot of time with Bruce in jail. He’s checkered throughout the entire season, and I think he gets to be more Bruce Wayne. As Harley Quinn sort of discovers, 'Who exactly is Harley Quinn?' Bruce also gets to spend more time thinking about, “Who is Bruce Wayne, and what is Bruce Wayne up to?"

This also comes with other confirmed Batman shenanigans planned for Season 4, with one picture showing a version of the Bat-Signal with Harley Quinn's silhouette lit up instead of the Bat-Logo.

How Will Batman Play Into Harley Quinn Season 4?

Although Batman is mostly a minor character in the Harley Quinn series, having him in prison will put things in a different perspective as Harley rampages through Gotham with her usual round of antics.

The Dark Knight will be one of more than two dozen characters highlighted in this upcoming season, although he'll likely be seen less this year than in the past because he's incarcerated.

However, having him play this big of a role will only add to the insanity that Harley Quinn brings on such a regular basis, especially with Harley doing her best to be a hero in her unique way.

The first three episodes of Harley Quinn Season 4 are now streaming on Max.

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