New Harley Quinn Season 3 Trailer Puts the Spotlight on Joker & Nightwing

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Harley Quinn, Joker, Nightwing

DC's Harley Quinn is finally gearing up for its third season on HBO Max. The animated adult comedy's next batch of episodes has been a long time coming, seeing as the last new installment of the series was in 2020. In classic Harley fashion, the show's writers have teased plenty of crazy shenanigans to come. Among those teases, two of the biggest belong to Joker and Nightwing's role in the story.

When it comes to Dick Grayson, the show's writers promised that Harvey Guillen's take on the iconic Bat-Family member will be "a very particular version" of the character who will have a "very particular tone." What does that mean? Something silly, no doubt.

As for Mr. J, they promised that they've done something with the iconic villain that "hasn't been done before." Maybe he's trying to turn his life around and become a law-abiding citizen? 

Well now, a new trailer for the show has dropped, which gives audiences a glimpse at both Joker and Nightwing's part in the upcoming season.

Harley Quinn's New Season 3 Trailer Revealed

HBO Max dropped a new trailer for Harley Quinn's third season, which reveals some big plot points for the show's upcoming new batch of episodes.

For one, it seems that Joker is looking to make a big change in his life - by becoming Mayor of Gotham City!

Joker, Batman, Harley Quinn
DC Comics

Then Batman's protégée, Nightwing, can be glimpsed for the first time in this new footage as he stands face-to-face with the Caped Crusader.

Batman, Nightwing, Harley Quinn
DC Comics

The entire trailer can be seen below.

Joker for Mayor, and Nightwing's Serious Voice

Well, the writers weren't lying when they said they were doing something new for the Clown Prince of Crime. While it may not be going on the straight and narrow, running for Mayor is definitely an interesting choice. Seems fairly reminiscent of Marvel's Kingpin running for the same position in the comics.

Given what Harley Quinn is, the entire ploy is obviously tongue-in-cheek. Though, it's surely going to annoy Quinn to no end.

In terms of Nightwing, it's hard to be sure from the trailer, but it seems like he'll likely go up against Poison Ivy and her plan to take back Gotham City from the humans—something Harley might start having some issues with as well. While the writers have promised that the two of them will never break up, it seems it won't be entirely smooth sailing when their honeymoon phase comes to an end.

Fans will have to wait to see what happens when the series premieres on Thursday, July 28. For those who may not have seen the show yet, HBO Max has put out the first episode for free for people in that same position.

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