Godzilla x Kong Popcorn Buckets: Where You Can Get Them

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Godzilla x Kong New Empire popcorn bucket

From Cinemark to AMC Theaters, here's how to purchase the latest popcorn buckets for Godzilla x Kong: The New Empire.

The latest installment of Warner Bros.' Monsterverse is Godzilla x Kong, bringing the two titans together to take on an even more formidable foe.

With its release in theaters comes an array of themed popcorn buckets, which usually fly under the radar until Dune: Part Two's sandworm design went viral.

While none appear as enticing as the eye-catching sandworm, there are a variety of buckets celebrating Kong and Godzilla's cinematic team-up. 

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Godzilla x Kong Popcorn Buckets

Cinemark is selling various Godzilla x Kong: The New Empire popcorn buckets, none more notable than the 150 oz. tin which can either feature Godzilla (pictures) or Kong appear trapped in a monstrous containment unit.

The bucket costs $16.50, and a comment Cinemark made on a recent Instagram post confirms that the bucket is "available at select Cinemark locations while supplies last." 

150oz Godzilla x Kong popcorn tin.

Up next is the 130 oz. hexagonal tin with panels displaying the main characters - Kong, Godzilla, Skar King, and Shimo.

The Godzilla x Kong bucket costs $15 and will also be sold in select Cinemark theaters while supplies last.

130 oz hexagonal Godzilla x Kong tin.

The final Cinemark popcorn bucket is also 130 oz., featuring vibrant collars surrounding a large painting-style Godzilla.

This tin is unique because it's being sold at Cinemark theaters but is also available to purchase online for $14.99. 

130 oz Godzilla x Kong tin.

Following its Dune 2 creation, AMC Theaters designed a less controversial popcorn bucket for Godzilla x Kong.

This 360 oz. tin can be split apart into two halves (180oz each), displaying either Kong (orange) or Godzilla (blue). AMC Theaters is selling these at select theaters and online beginning Saturday, March 30 for $26.99.

360oz AMC Theaters Godzilla x Kong tin.
AMC Theaters

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Will Popcorn Buckets Help Godzilla x Kong's Box Office Results?

According to The Hollywood Reporter, movie theaters are boosting their revenue through the sale of elaborate popcorn containers, ranging in price from $25 to $50, similar to what's being sold for Godzilla x Kong.

Last summer, AMC Theaters worked with the Barbie movie to 25,000 special edition Corvette popcorn containers for $34.99 each. THR reported that this earned nearly $1 million in revenue. 

Special edition buckets tied to blockbuster releases, like the Fast X Dodge Charger or the Dune 2 sandworm, have also been notably successful, capitalizing on franchise fandom.

One challenge has been shorter theatrical releases, or lack of interest (plenty of Madame Web buckets are collecting dust), but making creating limited edition tins should continue to drive sales. 

It's unlikely that the buckets for Godzilla x Kong will drive fans to the theater as the tins aren't overly creative or outlandish.

Godzilla x Kong: The New Empire is now roaring into theaters worldwide.

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