Dune 2 Sandworm Popcorn Bucket Explained: Where You Can Get It

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Dune: Part Two's marketing created a lot of buzz due to the release of its limited edition sandworm popcorn bucket.

The anticipation surrounding Dune 2 is already high, especially after the strong first reactions from critics

The popcorn bucket added more to the hype after it became a subject of memes online. 

Why Is Dune 2's Popcorn Bucket Going Viral?

Dune 2 popcorn bucket
AMC Theatres

As part of its promotion for Dune: Part Two, the design of AMC Theatres' limited edition sandworm popcorn bucket was released online, and it quickly went viral. 

The highly-talked-about popcorn bucket's main design is the Sandworm from the Dune universe, but looking closely, it is understandable why it created a buzz online. 

While the bucket is made of tin, the fun begins with its detachable lid that looks exactly like a sandworm emerging from the depths of Arrakis. 

The sandworm's mouth features a ring of sharp teeth with a hole in the middle. And yes, the mouth is where viewers will reach inside to grab a good amount of popcorn. 

The eye-popping design has been the subject of memes, jokes, and even a Saturday Night Live (SNL) sketch due to its strange resemblance to a sex toy. 

The SNL sketch featured Marcello Hernández (as a teenager) singing a song about losing his virginity to the Dune 2 popcorn bucket. 

Indiewire's David Ehrlich posted a funny anecdote on X (formerly Twitter) about the infamous popcorn bucket:

"Another day working at the multiplex. everyone keeps asking me if they can fuck the 'Dune 2' popcorn bucket. buddy, this is an AMC, of course, you can fuck the popcorn bucket."

Michael Cook also shared on X what a random guy did to the sandworm popcorn bucket during his Dune 2 screening: 

"Some guy before our screening of 'Dune 2' had a dune popcorn bucket and he held it up like Simba in 'The Lion King' and everyone cheered."

Dune 2 director Denis Villeneuve even chimed in, telling The New York Times about his hilarious reaction upon seeing the popcorn bucket's design: 

"I don’t want to make stupid jokes right now that will I regret tomorrow morning. But I will say this. When I saw it, I went, 'Hoooooly smokes.' What the!? At the same time, it created a lot of fun online. So maybe it’s positive? It’s some kind of …impressive design."

Timothee Chalamet, who was with Villeneuve during the interview, said that his thoughts are with the one who designed the popcorn bucket: 

"I can’t tell if someone is at home right now going, 'My design worked perfectly and everyone’s talking about it' or if someone’s brutally offended by the response."

While the popcorn bucket has achieved virality for the most ridiculous of reasons, there's no question that it has helped Warner Bros.' marketing team in raising awareness for the sequel's release and will positively impact its box office returns.

One of The Hollywood Reporter's sources described the free publicity as a "fun moment:"

 “It’s a fun moment that brought some attention to the movie. It falls under the old adage, ‘no publicity is bad publicity.’” 

The source even acknowledged Saturday Night Live's sketch centered around the infamous popcorn bucket, noting that it was "a pleasant surprise:"

"The SNL sketch was a pleasant surprise. That was not something that was pitched as a moment for the movie.”

It's possible that the creator who pitched the sandworm popcorn bucket design knew what they were doing from the start. Fortunately, the otherworldly concept worked wonders for the sequel. 

Where Can Fans Get the Dune 2 Popcorn Bucket?

In an official announcement from AMC's TikTok account (@amctheatres), fans can purchase the Dune 2 sandworm popcorn bucket at participating AMC theatres starting Thursday, February 29, one day before the sequel's wide release in cinemas.

However, IGN's Taylor Lyles shared that some AMC theatres already have them as early as February 8, and she could buy the item/collectible for $26 USD. 

Dune: Part Two will be released in theaters on Friday, March 1.

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