Fantastic Four Reboot: 4 Big-Name Actresses Now Rumored for Lead Role

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With excitement ramping up for the upcoming MCU Fantastic Four reboot, rumors are flying about possible casting choices for the film's stars.

Recently, much of fans' focus has been given to who will star as Reed Richards (Mr. Fantastic), with a report recently revealing Adam Driver to be reportedly in talks to take on the role.

However, the rumors do not stop with Mr. Fantastic, as other members of the team are the subject of much speculation of their own. For instance, reports indicate that Marvel may be seeking a Dakota-Johnson-type for Sue Storm (the Invisible Woman) and looking for be looking to cast a Jewish actor for Ben Grimm (the Thing).

Now, however, new rumors have indicated the possibility of four big-name actresses who may be in talks to take on the role of Sue Storm.

Possible Big-Name Stars For Sue Storm

According to rumors from Grace Randolph, an albeit hit-or-miss scooper, four major names may be in the running to play Sue Storm in the 2025 Fantastic Four reboot.

None of the names Randolph outlined have been confirmed by Disney or Marvel, with no official word from the company on the casting of any of the team as of now.

Randolph posted a GIF and three pictures to Twitter, with brief commentary explaining this was in regards to Sue Storm. Here are the rumored possibilities she laid out:

1.) Vanessa Kirby

Vanessa Kirby in Mission Impossible movie
Vanessa Kirby

The first of the four rumored stars Randolph pointed to, the scooper emphasized that Vanessa Kirby is reportedly "In the running only, not decided" to play the Invisible Woman in 2025.

Notable for her appearances in The Crown and Fast & Furious Presents: Hobbs & Shaw, Kirby is an award-winning, Emmy-nominated actress who would bring particular talent to the reboot. Aside from her credentials, she also does look remarkably like Sue Storm in the comics.

2.) Mila Kunis

Mila Kunis
Mila Kunis

Known for projects such as That '70s Show, Family Guy, Black Swan, and Forgetting Sarah Marshall, Mila Kunis is another rumored candidate for Sue Storm in the MCU, according to Randolph.

This is not the first time the actor's name has been associated with Sue in rumors, and she would be another solid pick for the role thanks to her history in both comedic and more serious roles. That kind of range is essential to Sue Storm, as she is often the most level-headed of the Fantastic Four, but is quick to embrace the chaos of her life nonetheless.

3.) Allison Williams

Allison Williams on the TODAY show
Allison Williams

Randolph also reported that Allison Williams was among the possible Sue Storm casting choices. Having recently starred in this year's M3GAN, and known for her role in Get Out, Williams is particularly notable in the horror genre.

While nothing thus far indicates Fantastic Four being a horror movie, Williams does have non-horror credits like Girls, a comedy. Williams would be able to bring both the horror and the humor to Fantastic Four - range which, again, is crucial to Sue's character.

4.) Jodie Comer

Jodie Comer and Sue Storm
Jodie Comer

Finally, Jodie Comer was brought up in the casting rumor conversation, the fourth and final name posed by Randolph. Some of Comer's notable credits include Killing Eve, Free Guy, and The Last Duel.

Comer would certainly bring a star-quality to Fantastic Four, having won an Emmy for her work in Killing Eve. Further, she has action-film experience from Free Guy alongside Deadpool star Ryan Reynolds that would be welcome in the MCU.

Could the Entire Fantastic Four Be Big Names?

With these rumors and those about Adam Driver being considered for Reed Richards circulating around the same time as each other, fans may be wondering if the entire movie's titular team will be played by big Hollywood names.

Rumors have certainly surfaced for all sorts of big names for different roles, from Austin Butler being rumored for Johnny Storm to Rudy Pankow for Reed Richards - Pankow also was fan-cast by some as the Human Torch.

Reports also indicate that Marvel Studios president Kevin Feige is overseeing the casting of the four team members and that he and Marvel as a whole are being "thorough" with the selections.

That may mean that fans can expect highly acclaimed actors in these pivotal roles, or it could imply that they are searching for new names, holding them to high standards.

For now, though, fans can continue to speculate on the various rumors surfacing, as Marvel has not revealed anything just yet.

Fantastic Four hits theaters on February 14, 2025.

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