Rudy Pankow Bluntly Reacts to Marvel Role Prospects

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Will Rudy Pankow join the MCU? The Outer Banks star shared a blunt response in a new video that further led to confusion. 

The MCU's Phase 4 introduced many newcomers to the ever-growing franchise, such as Shang-Chi's Simu Liu, Ms. Marvel's Iman Vellani, and She-Hulk's Tatiana Maslany

Still, the heroic ensemble is poised to keep growing as Phases 5 and 6 are expected to add more stars to the MCU's roster. 

Outer Banks' Rudy Pankow Reacts to MCU Prospects 

Outer Banks' Rudy Pankow
Outer Banks

In a new video from Wired, Outer Banks star Rudy Pankow shared his reaction on whether or not he is jumping ship to Marvel for an unknown role. 

When answering the highly-searched question "Is Rudy Pankow going to be in Marvel," Pankow offered a brief, coy response, saying he has "no idea" if he is set for a role in the Marvel universe. 

“You know what? I have no… We have no idea.”

Pankow previously alluded to potentially appearing in a "superhero" project at some point when, during a 2020 interview, he was asked where he hopes his career leads him after Outer Banks:

I hope only up. If it’s a superhero, period piece, non-fiction depiction of someone, whatever it is, I hope it moves the audience.

In an exclusive interview with The Direct, Spider-Man: No Way Home and Outer Banks actor Gary Weeks campaigned for Outer Banks co-star Rudy Pankow as the MCU's Johnny Storm, admitting that he would be "perfect for the character:" 

"Not only could I see him pulling it off, I think he could raise the bar on it. It's amazing what's been done. I didn't mean it that way. He's just got something with him. He can be sweet and amazing, but he also has this burning side. That side that wants to be heard and seen. Just exactly what I think would be perfect for the character, and you're dead on with the hair. His hair's amazing."

Weeks further expressed excitement about Pankow's MCU prospects, noting that Marvel Studios would be "lucky" to have him: 

"He's the guy you want to be working with on set. They would be lucky to have him if that did happen."

Will Rudy Pankow Join the MCU Soon?

There's a strong chance that Rudy Pankow has no idea about the possibility of joining the MCU. In fact, the actor's brief comment could hint that no talks are happening between him and Marvel Studios. 

Still, Pankow's immense on-screen talent and charisma could land him a place in the MCU. It's just a matter of which role perfectly suits him in the long run. 

Gary Weeks' statement that Pankow could end up being cast as the MCU's Johnny Storm is a bold claim, but Marvel's casting department could've considered that when looking for actors for the upcoming reboot. 

At this stage, Marvel Studios is reportedly gearing up for the casting process for Fantastic Four, and the timing of Pankow's brief Marvel comment could serve as the launch pad for his MCU debut. 

If Pankow doesn't become the MCU's Human Torch, the up-and-coming actor still has other Marvel roles he could fall into, especially now that mutants could soon arrive. 

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