Austin Butler Campaigning for MCU Fantastic Four Role (Report)

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New information indicates Elvis star Austin Butler is being pushed for a role in Marvel Studios' Fantastic Four as the Human Torch. 

Butler is just the latest actor to have their name put up for Fantastic Four contention, as Marvel Studios looks to fill out its take on the super-powered brand's First Family. 

Fantastic Four casting rumors have almost been as fervent as news of actors saying they want to be a part of the MCU epic. Despite rampant speculation on the matter though, Marvel Studios head Kevin Feige claims "no cast [is] currently on board" for the Matt Shakman-directed blockbuster. 

But that won't stop another name from popping up in the headlines as Elvis himself seems to be interested in a Fantastic Four part.

Austin Butler Flames On

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Another actor's name has seemingly been thrown into the Fantastic Four ring, as Austin Butler's representation is campaigning to get Marvel Studios to consider Butler for the role of Johnny Storm aka Human Torch in the MCU. 

Speaking on The Hot Mic podcast, insider Jeff Sneider revealed he had heard Butler's agents were "putting him up for Human Torch" as Marvel starts casting the leads for its 2025 Fantastic Four film.

Sneider went on to say that X-Men and Fantastic Four are Marvel's "two crown jewels coming up," so, "all the actors in town want to be part of those two franchises."

Would Austin Butler Make a Good Human Torch?

This is a very interesting name to be brought forward for a Fantastic Four part, but one that does have some merit. Despite having worked in Hollywood since he was a teenager, Butler has only just recently broken into the mainstream with his work on Elvis

The young actor could very well be up for an Oscar for his work as the late great King of Rock and Roll, and accolades like Academy Awards have caught Marvel Studios' eye in the past. 

And many would agree Butler would probably do a bang-up job as Johnny Storm (aka the Human Torch). He has that reckless heart-breaker persona down to a tee, something that is a must when portraying Marvel's Man on Fire. 

Of course, competition will be stiff for these Fantastic Four roles, and plenty of names have either been fan-casted or made their intentions known at this point. 

Marvel Studios' Fantastic Four is set to hit theaters on January 14, 2025. 

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