The Boys Pokes Fun at MCU Fantastic Four Actor Report

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The Boys Fantastic Four

Amazon Prime Video's The Boys made fun of the latest casting rumor from the MCU, this one centered on Marvel Studios' Fantastic Four.

Casting rumors continue to heat up for the MCU's take on Marvel's First Family, with the most recent report tying The Boys star Jack Quaid to the role of Johnny Storm/Human Torch.

Quaid was quick to deny that rumor by saying that he is "not playing Johnny Storm," with fans still eagerly awaiting news on the actors that will eventually portray this quartet after years of fan-casts and predictions.

The Boys Responds to Fantastic Four Rumor

The official X (formerly Twitter) accounts for both Prime Video and The Boys addressed the recently debunked rumor that The Boys star Jack Quaid had signed with Marvel Studios to play Johnny Storm in 2025's Fantastic Four.

Prime Video's post showed a screenshot of Quaid's Hughie Campbell sitting in front of Tomer Capone's Frenchy, Karl Urban's Billy Butcher, and Laz Alonso's Mother's Milk (MM) with a caption tying back to the MCU's popular quartet:

"He's already in a pretty fantastic four"

The Boys
Amazon Prime Video

The Boys' account posted a picture from Season 2 in which Shawn Ashmore's Lamplighter lights himself on fire and commits suicide in front of Hughie as the latter screams, with the caption jokingly reading, "Flame On, mates."

The Boys
Amazon Prime Video

Quaid is only the latest star to deny being cast in Fantastic Four after actors like Matt Smith, Mila Kunis, and Jodie Comer offered similar quotes about taking on other roles like Reed Richards and Sue Storm.

When Will Fantastic Four's Cast Be Revealed?

With rumors continually being released regarding who will play the MCU's Fantastic Four, anticipation continues to build with regard to when the news will actually become public.

Marvel Studios president Kevin Feige is reportedly heavily involved with the process, although there will be a number of obstacles that the studio faces before this movie moves further into development.

First and foremost is the ongoing writers' and actors' strikes halting numerous productions all across Hollywood, pushing the MCU and other franchises towards delays until the wage issues are resolved.

And while it's unlikely that The Boys will get another chance to poke fun at a casting rumor like this one, chances are high that the topic won't fade away anytime soon.

Fantastic Four is set to premiere in theaters on May 2, 2025.

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