Fantastic Four: Kevin Feige Overseeing Rigorous Casting for New Actors (Report)

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The MCU has yet to find its actors for the Fantastic Four reboot, but a new report indicated that Marvel Studios president Kevin Feige is active in the casting process. 

A good chunk of headlines centered around Fantastic Four has been about the actors rumored to be involved in the project.

Some of the famous stars who have been attached to portray the titular team are Diego Luna, Penn Badgley, Mila Kunis, and Adam Driver. 

Despite that, Fantastic Four director Matt Shakman addressed the casting rumors, noting that everything fans see online is pure rumor and speculation as he and Marvel Studios "have nothing to announce right now."

Kevin Feige's Active Role in Fantastic Four Casting

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Deadline's Justin Kroll shared that finding the right actors for the MCU's Fantastic Four "could still be weeks or even months" away due to Marvel Studios president Kevin Feige's "thorough" casting process: 

"Just to be clear, even if something is getting active or gearing up, could still be weeks or even months before we have our four actors given how thorough the studio and Feige are."

Feige's approach in the casting department for the Fantastic Four makes sense since the four actors will likely serve as pillars of the MCU moving forward. 

Moreover, Kroll also mentioned another surprising casting update for Fantastic Four, saying that Marvel Studios would be casting Sue Storm first and building out the rest of the team after the actress has been found. 

When Will Marvel Announce the MCU’s Fantastic Four Actors?

Kevin Feige's more active role in the Fantastic Four casting search could be what Marvel Studios needs, especially after a rough start to Phase 5.  

While the MCU has had success in the casting department through the years, the fact that the Marvel boss is more involved with this specific project cements the idea that this team of heroes is crucial to the franchise's future. 

Given the importance of the Fantastic Four in Marvel Comics, it's possible that the actors who will be involved would likely have the same significance as the MCU's former and current pillars, such as Robert Downey Jr. (Iron Man), Chris Evans (Captain America), Tom Holland (Spider-Man), and Benedict Cumberbatch (Doctor Strange).

This update could mean that the official announcement for the MCU's Fantastic Four actors would arrive in the latter half of the year, potentially during this year's San Diego Comic-Con this July or Disney's D23 event. 

Still, there is a possibility that the actors cast for the roles would be revealed in a report or a scoop before Marvel Studios officially announces their involvement. 

Fantastic Four is set to hit theaters on February 14, 2025.

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