Fantastic Four Movie Update Debunks Casting Reports

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Fantastic Four Movie Casting actors

The Fantastic Four reboot is among Marvel Studios’ most anticipated projects. After having had multiple no-so-great adaptations, fans are hoping that the MCU can finally get the family right.

At San Diego Comic-Con, it was announced the project would be the official kickoff to Phase 6. Not long after that, Matt Shakman, of WandaVision fame, jumped aboard as the film’s director.

But what about the cast? Sadly, there’s still no official word on the matter.

While John Krasinski did take on the role in Doctor Strange the Multiverse of Madness, signs have been pointing to his appearance being not much more than a fun cameo. It seems that Marvel will be looking elsewhere to get its Earth-616 Reed Richards.

One name that has come up often is You's Penn Badgley, who has previously been rumored to be a frontrunner for the part. Another actor vying for one of the four main roles is Jodie Comer, who is reportedly being eyed to play Sue Storm.

However, thanks to Deadline, it seems that all of the various rumors about the Fantastic Four cast have been debunked.

No Fantastic Four Cast Just Yet

Kevin Feige, Fantastic Four

Alongside the confirmation of two new writers coming on board 2024's Fantastic Four film, Deadline dropped some casting news for the project.

That news? Well, that casting is only now just beginning. The outlet stated that when announcements were made at D23 with Marvel Studios President Kevin Feige, there was "no cast currently on board."

They did, however, reveal that Feige and Matt Shakman, the upcoming reboot's director, will now be focusing on finding their cast while the project is being written.

This debunks rumors of possible castings that swirled prior to the Hall D23 presentation, such as Penn Badgely and Jodie Comer being rumored to be in talks for Reed Richards and Sue Storm, respectively.

The World Will Know Who the Fantastic Four Are... One Day

The fan castings for Marvel's First Family have been at an all-time high recently. Not only are people excited about the characters, but many thought the news would already be here.

There were endless rumors saying Disney's big D23 event that would be where Marvel Studios shared casting news on Fantastic Four. To the surprise of most fans, they said next to nothing.

It's hard to believe that Marvel Studios isn't already a few steps into the casting process. All of those rumors probably weren't based entirely on falsehoods.

While no decisions seem to have been made, they have almost certainly already been looking at people and potentially zeroing in on a few names. It's still very possible that the likes of Badgley or Comer could walk away with the role.

It's not clear when the world will find out who will truly be in the cast of The Fantastic Four, but everyone will certainly know by the time the movie hits theaters on November 8, 2024.

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