Fantastic Four: MCU Rumor Reveals 1 Actress Who Could Be Playing Sue Storm

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D23 is days away, and with it comes plenty of fervent speculation. Whether it is talk of Deadpool 3 hitting the stage, Werewolf By Night finally getting a confirmation, or the Fantastic Four showing up in full force, there is plenty for fans to chat about in anticipation of the live event.

With Marvel's first family primed for their MCU debut, everyone and their mother have heard some piece of speculation about the film's highly anticipated cast. You star Penn Badgely supposedly "has the role [of Reed Richards] already" and talk of the rest of the cast has remained at a fever pitch amongst journalists and fans.

And if a new report is to be believed, Marvel may have found their Sue Storm and an announcement could be imminent. 

Jodie Comer Rumored for Fantastic Four

Jodie Comer Fantastic Four

According to YouTube pundit John Campea, Killing Eve and Free Guy actress Jodie Comer is a likely candidate to play Sue Storm in the upcoming MCU Fantastic Four film. 

Campea says there have been "little pieces of whispering" about Comer's potential Marvel role over the last few months, but recently he had heard from multiple sources that "she's going to be our Sue Storm" and "she's going to be announced as [the character] at D23:"

"So one of the little pieces of whispering I started to hear about two months ago. And I didn't give alot to it. I didn't give alot of credence to it in my own head. It was regarding Fantastic Four, and it was Free Guy's Jodie Comer... That she's going to be our Sue Storm. And she's going to be announced as Sue Storm at D23."

The YouTube host told fans to take the information with a grain of salt, as he "get lots of things sent to [him]" and a lot of times it "just doesn't turn out to be true:"

You've got to understand that I get lots of things sent to me, as far as information goes. I get lots of things sent to me. Sometimes it's actually bang-on the money. And alot of times I hear things from certain sources and it just doesn't turn out to be true. That's why nine out of the ten things that get sent to me I don't talk about on the show. Because I figure if that things come true, it'll come out in Variety or The Hollywood Reporter or something at some point, and then we can talk about it. And nine-and-a-half times out of ten, that's a thing."

But having now heard the same piece of information from a couple of people and a "friend of [his] who is in this industry," he believes it is likely true that Comer, who will turn 30 years old next March, is Marvel's next Invisible Woman:

So now, you've got to understand going back a couple of months, I also heard other names for Sue Storm. So again, this is something I just kind of brushed aside.

About a week and a half ago, maybe two weeks ago, I heard the same thing [about Comer], but from a different person. I'm like, 'Huh, okay. Alright' Now, this person has steered my right before, but they also steered me wrong very big once. So, I'm like, 'Umm, okay. You are now the second person I've heard about this. Alright.'

Compound on top of that, yesterday I was talking to a friend of mine who is in this industry, who does sort of what I do. And they had heard from another person that I don't know, Jodie's name came up to."

Is Comer Right for Sue Storm?

At this point, Marvel Studios has demonstrated that it is one of the best in the business at casting talent. Over and over again the studio has brought in actors who perfectly embody the spirit and look of these iconic comic book characters. 

And if this Jodie Comer rumor is accurate, then Kevin Feige and co. can pat themselves on the back for yet another casting win. Comer has proven that she is a dynamic two-time Emmy award-winning actress, tackling everything from dramatic period pieces in The Last Duel to straight CG-fueled comedies in a film like Free Guy. And is that not exactly what Marvel looks for when they are casting for parts like this? 

Plus, it is hard to deny the spitting physical resemblance between Comer and Sue Storm. The actress looks like she is pulled straight from the comic page and would surely make many a Marvel fan happy if she were to don the iconic F4 jumpsuit

For the sake of this article, assuming Penn Badgley and Jodie Comer are in fact in Fantastic Four, that means fans only have two more roles to go before the whole team is assembled. 

Despite all this being merely speculation at this point, it is starting to feel like Fantasitc Four could be the highlight of the weekend at D23

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