Fantastic Four: Marvel's Sue Storm Actress Search Heats Up With 1 Hopeful Star

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One of the most talked about topics in the Marvel fandom right now is the casting behind Marvel Studios’ upcoming Fantastic Four reboot. Everyone wants to know who is going to be bringing to life the iconic family this time around, hopefully, in a satisfying way.

A lot of these conversations really started to happen after the appearance of John Krasinski as Reed Richards in Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness. Did his brief stint on Earth-838 mean he’d end up coming back for Earth-616’s version of the character?

Sadly, it doesn’t seem the actor will be back—at least as the MCU’s main Reed. Marvel Studios President Kevin Feige previously noted that the main reason he wanted Krasinski for the Doctor Strange part was to appease the rabid fan-castings over the years.

Now another name has come up in regards to being cast in the film, and this time it's The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel’s Rachel Brosnahan.

Another Name Joins the Sue Storm Race

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Rachel Brosnahan

In an interview with ET, The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel star Rachel Brosnahan was asked about Fantastic Four casting rumors and if she’d have any interest in potentially being a part of Marvel Studios’ superhero family reboot.

Brosnahan teased that she’s “about to be available” and how being part of the Fantastic Four project “would be a blast:”

"I haven't heard anything, unfortunately, but I'm here; it's our last season. I'm about to be available… [Being a part of Fantastic Four] would be a blast."

Obviously, the role in question would be for Sue Storm, one of the four main family members of the superhero group. It’s also important to note that these are just casual wishes from the actress—there have not been any concrete talks regarding Brosnahan being cast.

Good thing for her, though, the role remains unfilled, at least according to Deadline.

But who else might she theoretically be competing with? Well, it has previously been reported by various insiders that Killing Eve’s Jodie Comer was one of the key names in contention for the role.

Some other possible actresses who have been discussed by fans have been Vanessa Kirby, Lily James, Saoirse Ronan, Amanda Seyfried, and Phillips Soo.

The member of the family who has easily gotten the most speculation has been the man behind the MCU’s Reed Richards. One of the key names has been John Krasinski, though it’s not looking like he’ll be landing the role.

Currently, the general online discussion thinks that You star Penn Badgley has a pretty solid chance at nabbing the part. Other actors who fans have brought up include Jamie Dornan, Adam Driver, and Glenn Howerton.

When it comes to The Thing, not many names have come up in relation to the big, lovable rock. Though, recently Gotham’s Drew Powell publicly campaigned for the part on Instagram.

Human Torch also hasn’t been in any of the recent casting rumors. However, some great choices could be Strangers Things’ Joe Keery, High School Musical’s Zac Enron, or Power Rangers’ Dacre Montgomery.

One Day The World Will Know The Fantastic Four

One of the most disappointing parts of this year’s D23 was how there was no news regarding who Marvel Studios would be casting as the iconic family. What made matters even worse was how that piece of information was the most strongly rumored piece of Feige’s big presentation at the convention.

Now, fans have no idea when the news could arrive. It could end up being quite a long time. If Marvel decides to wait until a big event, their next moment of opportunity would be San Diego Comic-Con 2023, unless, of course, they host their own.

As for Brosnahan in the role of Sue Storm, she’d be great casting. The star is an incredible actress, so no matter the role, if the MCU were given her talents, the world would be a better place.

Many fans are likely getting pretty tired of hearing about Fantastic Four fan-castings and rumors—mostly focusing on Reed and Sue. Since that conversation won’t be stopping anytime soon, hopefully, it’ll at least diversify a bit, and people can start digging into who would make the best Thing and Human Torch.

Fantastic Four is set to arrive in theaters worldwide on November 8, 2024.

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