Falcon and Winter Soldier Finale: Director Teases Tear-Jerking Moments In Ending

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John Walker, The Falcon and the Winter Soldier

Even while Marvel Studios has been in the headlines for multiple big reasons in the past few days, fans are still on the edge of their seats waiting for the season finale for The Falcon and the Winter Soldier . The MCU's second Disney+ exclusive has been bringing exciting reveals every week, all leading up to a season finale that should be the series' biggest episode to date.

Episode 5 brought Sam Wilson and Bucky Barnes closer as friends, ready to take on the challenge in front of them in the Flag Smashers and John Walker. Sam's full evolution into Captain America will also be a series-defining moment, one that fans are still hyped for even after a small tease came before the episode's debut .

With Episode 6 coming in just a few hours, one of its leading behind-the-scenes personalities recently teased some of what to expect.


In a new interview with the Toronto Sun , The Falcon and the Winter Soldier director Kari Skogland teased some of what fans should expect in the show's season finale premiering on April 23. She specifically touched on the action sequences, which she describes as "the best we’ve done so far" while confirming that fans are "going to cry" :

"I can tell you that if you think the action sequences have been good, this week’s is the best we’ve done so far. You’re going to laugh and you’re going to cry. It packs a punch."

Skogland also touched on how this finale will set up more of what's coming within Phase 4 of the MCU. Unfortunately, she wasn't able to offer much in terms of details for the immediate future, saying that any "future plans (Marvel has) aren’t fleshed out" and confirming that everything of that nature is still "in (Marvel President Kevin) Feige’s head" :

"If I did know, I wouldn’t tell you, but I don’t know (laughs). What (Marvel Studios boss) Kevin (Feige) constantly says is they work on the project in the moment, and they stick with that, and they really get that right. Whatever future plans they have aren’t fleshed out, so you’re focused on what you’re doing. They make it the best it can be and out of that other things will come. What those will be are all in Mr. Feige’s head."


Even though Skogland expectedly didn't reveal any specifics about the episode, these quotes set up something that should have the MCU fandom celebrating for some time.

Episode 5 brought a couple of tear-jerking moments, though the action and drama will more than likely be ramped up in the show's finale. We at The Direct have some of our own thoughts on what may happen, but whether these moments are included or not, Marvel Studios has a way of delivering top-notch storytelling on every level on a regular basis.

As for the future, it seems only right that Skogland chose to stay in the moment with the show she's devoted so much time to already. Kevin Feige has confirmed on many occasions how far the MCU's future is planned out , even if it's only a rough draft. But the team does a remarkable job of making sure every project running at a certain time is the best it can be no matter what.

Regardless of what ends up happening, the hype is building by the hour for this epic finale. Episode 6 of The Falcon and the Winter Soldier will debut on Disney+ on April 23, 2021.

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March 19, 2021
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