Falcon and Winter Soldier: Danny Ramirez Teases His MCU Superhero Future

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Marvel Studios has had quite a busy week. In the past couple of days alone, the comic book movie mogul brought the debut trailer and poster for Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings while Disney recently reached a deal with Sony Pictures to bring Spider-Man content to Disney+, including Tom Holland's first two solo movies.

In the world of ongoing content, fans are gearing up for an epic season finale for The Falcon and the Winter Soldier, which will stream on Disney+ this Friday, April 23. Five episodes have shown the wild adventure for Sam Wilson and Bucky Barnes as they prepare to take on a brutal combination of the Flag Smashers and Wyatt Russell's U.S. Agent.

Also included in this mix is Danny Ramirez's Joaquin Torres, who has had a fun introduction even with limited screen time. Recently, Ramirez teased the possible direction that his character could take after this series comes to a close...


Falcon Joaquin Torres

In a new interview with Screen Rant, Danny Ramirez from Marvel Studios' The Falcon and the Winter Soldier teased the future for his character, Lieutenant Joaquin Torres.

Ramirez was asked about the moment in Episode 5 in which Sam Wilson left his damaged Falcon wings with Torres after the battle with Bucky against U.S. Agent. Teasing his continuing character arc, Ramirez seemed to think Torres "is pretty good at repairing things," although the actor played coy on who would take the wings going forward:

“Yeah, the repair - for whoever it may be. I think he is pretty good at repairing things, for sure. He knows his way around the tech, so I think he won't have too much trouble repairing whatever he has to repair in whatever condition they're in. I think he'll have a good time with it. He'll have a good time with it.”

In another snippet from the same interview, the interviewer pictured the possibility of this series pushing into a second season in which Torres takes on the mantle of the Falcon. Not revealing anything once again, Ramirez spoke on how he was "told the absolute bare minimum" of what he was supposed to know, teasing that he may "know that answer better" after the final episode:

I'm curious, just like you are, as to where they will go. Because I'm told the absolute bare minimum of what I need to know. Even as the episodes are coming out, I'm watching them for the first time, which is really exciting. I guess I'll know that answer better after I see episode 6.


In the pages of Marvel Comics, Joaquin Torres became the latest person to take on the Falcon mantle after Sam Wilson became Captain America. This story has been teased multiple times through the Disney+ run for The Falcon and the Winter Soldier, which sees Anthony Mackie's hero following the Star-Spangled path after the events of Avengers: Endgame.

Ramirez hasn't been blessed with a ton of screen time yet, seeing heavy action in the opening of Episode 1 and only showing up for a couple of minutes in Episode 2 before Sam met up with Bucky again. In last week's entry, Torres met up with Sam once again for a moment, shocked that U.S. Agent broke Sam's wings before Sam said very plainly "keep 'em" as he left to go see Isaiah Bradley back in the states.

Now that Sam has a shiny new vibranium outfit courtesy of the Wakandans, Marvel has the perfect opportunity to let Torres follow his comic footsteps to fix the old Stark wings up for himself. Rumors have pointed to a potential Season 2 for this show having a new title, and with Torres likely becoming Falcon in the near future, his superhero mantle could very well be a part of that title.

The season finale of The Falcon and the Winter Soldier will debut on Disney+ on Friday, April 23.

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March 19, 2021
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