Falcon and Winter Soldier: Torres Would've Had 'Giant' Storyline With More Episodes

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Falcon and Winter Soldier Torres

In Marvel's second Disney+ series The Falcon and the Winter Soldier, audiences were not only introduced to a new threat known as the Flag Smashers but also the character of USAF First Lieutenant Joaquin Torres played by Danny Ramirez. 

Torres and Sam Wilson's Falcon worked together in the action-packed opening scene of "New World Order" before putting himself in harm's way to investigate the Flag Smashers. Torres then appeared in the series' second episode "The Star Spangled Man."

Even though the series is zeroed in on Sam Wilson and Bucky Barnes and their struggles with their personal lives and each other, Torres has still received a decent amount of screen time in the series' opening episodes. He also happens to bear the same name as the next Falcon in the Marvel comics.

According to the show's creators, Torres' presence is no accident and the character could've been even more integral if the series had more time. 


Falcon and Winter Soldier Torres

In an interview with ET via ComicBook.com, Falcon and Winter Soldier series writer Malcolm Spellman revealed that "if we had had ten episodes, we had a giant storyline for [Torres]..."

"(Ramirez) was great. I can't tell you where it's going to go, but obviously, he's not in there for no reason. He just lights up like, if we had had ten episodes, we had a giant storyline for him built out. But he does have plenty of real estate in these six."

Series writer Kari Skogland echoed those sentiments saying that Ramirez is "a joy" while commenting on how fun it is seeing "he and Anthony together and the repartee that they have."

"He (Ramirez) is a joy... Besides talented, such a nice young man who has a huge career ahead of him for sure... I think we're gonna be on his coattails as he takes off like a rocket. It's fun to see he and Anthony together, and the repartee that they have..."


Spellman's claim that ten episodes would've yielded a "giant storyline" for the character of Joaquin Torres is quite a revelation and indicates the character will be probably become a significant player in the MCU's future. 

If so, it also looks like the show writers are staying true to the comics this time around by having Sam Wilson take Cap's shield as the rightful Captain America (sorry not sorry John Walker) with Torres assuming the mantle of the Falcon.

After all, Skogland's comments about the repartee between the two could imply audiences will see more of the duo working together down the line.

However, Kevin Feige isn't exactly known for sticking to the comics and prefers to color outside the lines when bringing about characters and plot points. So there may be a twist or two in store if we see Sam hang up the wings and Torres take flight.

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March 19, 2021
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