Eternals: New Clip Features Avengers: Endgame Recap From Salma Hayek's Hero

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Less than one week remains until the Marvel Cinematic Universe returns to theaters with its 26th movie, Eternals. Following Marvel's long-standing race of immortals from the comics, this new film has the opportunity to push the boundaries of MCU storytelling in a post-Infinity Saga world while introducing a new cast of characters to fans.

The movie’s promotional tour is in full force as Marvel Studios looks to get fans excited for the MCU’s latest theatrical addition. After two full trailers and various TV spots revealing new footage, the team has moved into full-clip territory to give the fandom a sense of what to expect from specific story beats in this new semi-origin story.

One clip teased some of Eternals' action with Kumail Nanjini's Kingo and Lauren Ridloff's Makkari against a Deviant monster, while the other boasted a Game of Thrones reunion for Richard Madden's Ikaris and Kit Harrington's Dane Whitman. Now, Madden is featured in a new round of footage from the film, although he's notably more subdued this time around.

Ajak Gives an Endgame Recap in Eternals

Eternals, Avengers: Endgame

Twitter user @sapphicsersi shared a new 45-second clip from Marvel Studios' Eternals that premiered on The Graham Norton Show.

Ajak, Ikaris, Eternals, Thanos

The clip features Salma Hayek's Ajak and Richard Madden's Ikaris outside a remote cabin as Ajak recaps the events of Avengers: Endgame. In that recap, she mentions how Thanos' snap "delayed the Emergence," which has been teased as a major plot point in this new movie:

"Five years ago, Thanos erased half of the population of the universe…delayed the emergence…but the people of this planet brought everyone back with the snap of a finger."

Salma Hayek, Ajak, Eternals

She continues to look back on a time when the team was separated, during which she saw humans' capability for love, and admitted that they have had a profound effect on her over the millennia.

"You know, after I let you all go, I traveled the world living among them. I have seen them fight and lie and kill, but I have also seen them laugh and love, I’ve seen them create and dream. This planet and these people have changed me."

Richard Madden, Ikaris, Eternals

The full clip can be seen below:


Ajak Finding her Way on Earth

While there is no context to clarify what bigger issue Ajak and Ikris are discussing in this scene, Salma Hayek's hero has a chance to show her profound respect for the people of Earth at this moment.

The Emergence is clearly set to play a key role in this movie after numerous mentions in past trailers and promo material, although Ajak puts it into perspective well in relation to Thanos wiping out half of all life in the universe. As fans wait to find out what the Emergence is, its importance is made clear after Thanos pushed this event back by some time.

Hayek also gets to showcase Ajak's emotional side as the Eternals' spiritual leader in this film, reminiscing on how she saw how kind and caring humans could be, even through so many wars. Her compassion should be something that helps push her team toward success, no matter what the specifics of their mission are, especially as they join forces once again following their separation.

This clip may not feature the same level of action as the first two, but it still provides a tease of how this movie will explore emotional peaks and valleys while weaving through the MCU's past movies. Safe to say, Marvel Studios is looking to bring a movie unlike anything delivered before with characters like Ajak leading the way.

Eternals is set to debut in theaters worldwide on November 5, 2021.

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