Watch: Game of Thrones Duo Richard Madden & Kit Harington Reunite In New Clip From Marvel's Eternals

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Eternals, Ikaris, Richard Madden, Dane Whitman, Kit Harrington

Marvel Studios' upcoming film Eternals is moving full-steam ahead. Coming off of the world premiere in Hollywood, California, all eyes are set on November 5, the date of the official release of the movie.

The most successful marketing that Marvel Studios could ask for is through word of mouth, and the premiere's initial reactions have been extremely positive. Many people have praised the direction that the film was taken in by director Chloé Zhao, as well as the incredible ensemble of cast members that stole the hearts of many viewers.

When the cast members were announced, many eyes turned toward the reunion that would take place between Richard Madden and Kit Harington, who play the characters of Ikaris and Dane Whitman respectively. The two actors are best known for their roles as Robb Stark and Jon Snow in HBO's hit series, Game of Thrones, but despite being two of the more popular characters, the duo didn't get a chance to share a lot of screentime.

Madden revealed in a recent interview that he enjoyed his time on-set with Harington, but also gave away that the two would once again not be together for a majority of the project. However, a recent clip from Eternals was just released which showcases a scene that the two actors do get to share together.

Richard Madden and Kit Harington in Eternals

A brand new look at Eternals officially released via IGN on YouTube, focusing on the character of Ikaris, portrayed by Richard Madden. The clip also showcases Lia McHugh's Sprite, Gemma Chan's Sersi, and Kit Harington's Dane Whitman.

In the clip, Sprite can be seen running alongside Sersi as they notice a Deviant has somehow discovered their location.

Sprite running, Eternals
Marvel Studios

The monstrous creature then knocks Sprite to the ground, and all of a sudden everything looks grim for the illusionist.

Sprite, Deviant, Eternals
Marvel Studios

From out of nowhere, a force comes to the rescue, knocking the Deviant off of Sprite and into a nearby building. The monster then gets knocked back into the street with Sprite and Dane Whitman looking to see who their savior was.

Sprite, Dane Whitman, Eternals
Marvel Studios

The scene's hero turns out to be Ikaris as he emerges from the rubble to greet his old friends.

Ikaris, Eternals
Marvel Studios

The fight isn't over, however, as the Deviant springs back into action, attacking Ikaris in revenge and hitting a bus, forcing Sersi to disintegrate it into a red material.

Sersi, Eternals
Marvel Studios

After the red material floats through the air, Dane catches one of the pieces and looks at it in awe of what he has just seen.

Dane Whitman, Eternals
Marvel Studios

The full clip can be seen below.


The Eternals are Here

Between trailers and clips, as well as interviews with the cast members, it feels like fans are already familiar with almost every member of the team before Eternals has even been released.

Many Game of Thrones fans were excited to be able to see Richard Madden on-screen alongside Kit Harington once again for the first time since the show's first season, but Madden's comments put a damper on that excitement when he revealed that they only got to share a few minutes of screentime.

In the interview, Madden mentioned that Ikaris gets to "say hello" to Dane in the movie, and while that exchange isn't presented in the clip that was released, it has to be assumed that it takes place in the same scene.

Future projects could possibly include more interaction between the two characters, seeing how Dane ultimately becomes a hero in the comics known as the Black Knight. However, if their brief scene in Eternals is the only time that they spend together in the MCU, it at least gives the two actors, as well as Game of Thrones fans, something to look back on and appreciate.

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