Did Angelina Jolie Just Spoil Marvel's Sequel Announcement for Eternals?

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Eternals 2 Angelina Jolie

On November 5, 2021, Marvel Studios' next film Eternals arrives in theaters, introducing audiences to a new ensemble of heroes who aren't just powerful and immortal aliens, but who have also been on Earth for thousands of years

While most of the marketing for the film has kept the plot carefully under wraps, more information - including several spoilers - has leaked out ahead of its premiere. 

In addition to information about the Eternals' weird superpower, Thena's struggles with PTSD, and the two types of Eternals, Disney has also spoiled every time period featured in the film; and now, it looks like a member of the cast just revealed Marvel Studios' future plans for its newest franchise. 

Marvel Studios' Eternals 2 Confirmed?

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Marvel Studios

During the red carpet event for Marvel Studios' Eternals, Kingo's Kumail Nanjiani and Thena's Angelina Jolie discussed their characters' relationships with each other, with Jolie possibly confirming plans for a sequel. 

In regard to Jolie's performance, Nanjiani had nothing but praise, admitting that she was "intimidating for me to watch:"

"The character that [Angelina Jolie] created, she conveys through her physicality so well, it really was inspiring and intimidating for me to watch. It really created this person who says so much without really having to use her words. It was really special to watch, and then to see it come together on screen... She's so good in the movie."

In Jolie's response to her co-star's compliment, the actress may have accidentally referenced Marvel's plans for an Eternals 2 saying, "So we're hoping in the sequel...:"

"Could you tell, we both are obsessed with each other's characters? So we're hoping in the sequel, our characters are very good sparring partners, because we're almost polar opposites. But yet they're both a little out there, so they'd be a good time."

Nanjiani responded by saying, "Yeah, great pairing, that's exactly right."

Eternals 2 Before Avengers 5?

While an Eternals sequel may sound surprising considering most audiences have yet to see the film, this is a Marvel Studios project after all, and rarely is any hero - or even supporting character - limited to a single film.

In addition, it was unlikely that Marvel would attempt such an ambitious film featuring so many powerful, cosmic characters if there wasn't a plan for them to continue on within the MCU.

While Eternals is sure to show how this family of immortals will come together, the question is whether they can stay together now that they've interfered after all these years. While a sequel may be required to show what happens to them and the MCU once they've succeeded; an even more interesting possibility is the need for a sequel because they failed. 

Ever since the release of Avengers: Endgame, fans have speculated when they could expect Avengers 5. Depending on how Eternals ends, and due to the MCU's deep dive into the multiverse, it's possible that an Eternals 2 could arrive before the anticipated fifth Avengers

Eternals debuts in theaters on November 5, 2021.

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