Emilia Clarke Teases Her MCU Return After Death In Secret Invasion

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Emilia Clarke Secret Invasion

Following her surprising exit in Episode 3 of Secret Invasion, Emilia Clarke just gave fans new hope for her Disney+ return. 

At the end of the series' third episode titled "Betrayed," Clarke's character G'iah is seemingly shot and killed by the rebel Skrull leader, Gravik.  

Given Clarke's popularity with audiences and her somewhat limited role in the MCU series thus far, her death was both surprising and disappointing. 

Secret Invasion Gi'ah killed

However, as the show suggests, not everything is as it seems.

Emilia Clarke Hints at Secret Invasion Resurrection

In reacting to the latest episode of Secret Invasion, Emilia Clarke looked as puzzled as the show's audience in remarking, "That was quick."

Emilia Clarke's reaction to Secret Invasion Episode 3

But then, while looking at the camera, she raises her eyebrows and knowingly says, "Maybe too quick."

Check out the full video below:

While the episode's conclusion showed a wounded G'iah fade back to her Skrull form, a sign of a Skrull death, it's worth noting that fans already had reasons to suspect Clarke would return.

The most obvious is that trailer and marketing footage included scenes with the actress that have yet to be seen in the series. 

How Emilia Clarke Will Return in Secret Invasion

In a show that marketed itself on major twists, it's surprising that Marvel Studios seemingly spoiled this reveal ahead of the next episode.

Whether the video reaction was planned, or a response to fan backlash, is unknown. 

However, Emilia Clarke's apparent return just may confirm what many fans were speculating already. 

For instance, there's the established fact that every Skrull mimics a human appearance, meaning there is another MCU character out there that looks like Emilia Clarke.

If Clarke's G'iah is truly dead, perhaps the actress will now play that other MCU character, such as the originally anticipated Abigail Brand

Another possibility is that, after discovering Gravik's Super Skrull experiments, G'iah gave such powers to herself, creating a logical means for her resurrection. 

With only three episodes remaining in Secret Invasion, Clarke's comeback is likely to be explained in Episode 4. But in the meantime, this Marvel Studios teaser has given fans even more to talk about until then. 

New episodes of Secret Invasion stream Wednesdays on Disney+.

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