Marvel Already Spoiled Emilia Clarke's MCU Resurrection (Photos)

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Emilia Clarke Marvel Secret Invasion

Marvel Studios may have already disproven a character's death at the end of Secret Invasion Episode 3, "Betrayed".

Warning - This article contains spoilers for Episode 3 of Secret Invasion.

Nearing the end of Episode 3, G'iah is shot by Skrull general Gravik (Kingsley Ben-Adir), despite knowing each other for over 20 years on Earth.

Emilia Clarke's Skrull newcomer was taken out because she had been helping her father, Talos, which would make her a traitor and a part of the rebel alliance against the new Skrull regime.

As this is the former Game of Thrones queen's first MCU appearance, a midseason death is shocking to fans, expecting the star actress to possibly have a future in other films or series.

Marvel Studios Spoils G'iah's Resurrection

Marvel Studios

Despite the sorrowful ending for G'iah in Secret Invasion's latest episode, several clips from trailers previewing the MCU series contradict this death's permanence.

Solely based on the end of Episode 3, Emelia Clarke's appearance fades to reveal Skrull G'iah with a lethal bullet wound near her heart.

Marvel Studios

Several theories are swirling as to how Emilia Clarke will return to the series. One shot from marketing is very telling, showing G'iah with blue energy surrounding her.

Episodes 2 and 3 confirmed Gravik's plans to create Super Skrulls, enhanced with abilities like Groot's branches and Aldrich Killian's Extremis enhancement.

The following image could be of G'iah being resurrected, or from before her "death" when she became a Super Skrull.

Marvel Studios

Also seen in a Secret Invasion trailer was G'iah discovering an experimental room full of cocooned Skrulls. Assumably, they're meant to metamorphize into Super Skrulls set to wipe away the human race from Earth's surface.

Marvel Studios

This close-up shot of Clarke has also yet to be seen in any of Secret Invasion's episodes. The blue coloring indicates that audiences won't see this pivotal scene until Episode 4 or beyond.

Marvel Studios

Beyond this missing scene from the first three episodes, Clarke will be back in action, holding someone at gunpoint later this season.

Marvel Studios

G'iah being resurrected is one option, but another theory that may make fans even more excited is the idea that the human version of Emilia Clarke will appear.

Every Skrull must mimic a human they see, so G'iah may have just been one of two characters Clarke portrays in the series.

Before it was announced she'd play a Skrull in Secret Invasion, a popular prediction was that Clarke would be playing Abigail Brand, a green-haired, character who serves as the director of S.W.O.R.D., mainly found in X-Men comics.

This theory is alive and well after the presumed death of G'iah, especially when considering this shot of Clarke wielding a shotgun back to back with Varra/Priscilla Fury.

Marvel Studios

Episode 3 confirmed that Varra has been in contact with Gravik since The Blip and Nick Fury's mission on the S.A.B.E.R. space station.

At this moment, given the context of the first three episodes, this scene doesn't make much sense. Clarke now playing Abigail Brand could add up more depending on what the agent's role could be if she is introduced in the series.

How Will Emilia Clarke Return?

The question is no longer is Clarke will be back in Secret Invasion, but how?

Halfway through the limited series, it doesn't feel well-earned for this to be a simple G'iah resurrection storyline. She hasn't been given a ton of screen time up until this point and has mainly been relevant due to the character's relationships with her father and Gravik, the show's lead antagonist.

The introduction for the character's human equivalent (possibly Abigail Brand) would be a satisfying twist moving forward. Especially when considering the character would need to probably break out of the Skrulls' imprisonment.

The first half of Secret Invasion is streaming now on Disney+.

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