Disney Just Spoiled Emilia Clarke’s Secret Marvel Character on Social Media

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Emilia Clarke, Marvel, Avengers

Secret Invasion features a stellar ensemble of actors, including a major newcomer in Game of Thrones actress Emilia Clarke. One of the mysteries about Clarke's inclusion in the upcoming Disney+ series is the identity of her character, with the actress even admitting that she's terrified to spoil her MCU role

Still, the rumor mill revealed that Clarke is portraying a "spy with powers," indicating that her character is a significant one in the series' overarching storyline. 

As a result, speculation became rampant about the actress' role, with some pointing out that she could be playing Abigail Brand, Spider-Woman, or Daisy Johnson a.k.a. Quake. 

Now, it seems that one of those theories may have come true based on a confirmation from Disney.

Who Is Emilia Clarke Playing In Secret Invasion?

Emilia Clarke, Secret Invasion

As spotted by Streamr, the official Secret Invasion page on Tenor shared a GIF of Emilia Clarke's character saying, "It's the beginning." 

Upon closer inspection, the post is tagged as "Abigail Brand," indicating that the Game of Thrones actress is playing that character in the MCU series. 

Emilia Clarke as Abigail Brand, Secret Invasion

Disney and Clarke have been tightlipped about the actress' role, meaning that this might be an accidental slip-up from the House of Mouse's end.  

In Marvel Comics, Abigail Brand is the director of SWORD, a subdivision of SHIELD charged with defending Earth from extraterrestrial threats.

Brand played a key role in Marvel's cosmic affairs, such as the comics' version of the Secret Invasion. In that storyline, Brand was present when the Skrulls destroyed SWORD's orbital headquarters. 

As a result, Brand broke into a Skrull vessel en route to Earth to use the ship's system to purge the crew of shape-shifting aliens aboard. This successful attempt then led to freeing Reed Richards to ultimately help gather Earth's heroes to resist the invasion:

Abigail Brand, Disney+


How Abigail Brand Fits in The MCU's Secret Invasion

It is unknown if this confirmation is a mistake on Disney's end, considering that Emilia Clarke being revealed as the MCU's Abigail Brand is a major spoiler. However, it's possible that Clarke's role as Brand could be something that Marvel and Disney were going to reveal in pre-release marketing anyway. 

Whatever the case, Abigail Brand's live-action debut in Secret Invasion could present a massive shift in the MCU since it would push SWORD into the forefront. 

It's also fitting since the cosmic organization already lost its former director, Tyler Hayward, due to the events of WandaVision. This would mean that Secret Invasion would incorporate SWORD even more into the larger MCU, with Brand at the forefront. 

Clarke playing Brand would also be in line with the actress' earlier comments about being ready to spend an entire decade in the MCU, thus establishing that she indeed has a significant role not just in the series, but in the franchise as a whole. 

Secret Invasion is expected to premiere on Disney+ in Spring 2023. 

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