3 Doctor Strange: Multiverse of Madness Deleted Scenes Revealed (Descriptions)

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While Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness is still reigning supreme at the box office, fans are already looking ahead to its digital premiere. It was earlier reported that the Benedict Cumberbatch-led sequel is eyeing a July 26 release date for its physical version, while Disney+ confirmed that it will arrive on the streaming service much earlier on June 22. This means that fans will get to enjoy the Madness earlier than expected, allowing them to access the film in the comfort of their homes. 

As with all MCU films, it has been widely expected that the Doctor Strange sequel will include tons of bonus features. For example, Spider-Man: No Way Home showcased several featurettes mainly focused on the three Spider-Men and the returning villains, while Black Widow revealed a plethora of deleted scenes revolving around Scarlett Johansson's MCU hero. 

Now, it seems that Multiverse of Madness will only have a smaller number of deleted scenes in its physical release. 

Doctor Strange 2's Intriguing Deleted Scenes 

Doctor Strange Multiverse of Madness, Bruce Campbell

Screen Rant revealed exclusive details about Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness' home video release dates, official cover art, Best Buy steelbook artwork, and the bonus features included. 

The Doctor Strange sequel is set to arrive on digital on June 22, which coincides with its Disney+ premiere. Meanwhile, the MCU flick will be available in 4K Ultra HD, Blu-ray, and DVD on July 26. 

The official cover art for the film's 4K Ultra HD physical copy can be seen below: 

Doctor Strange Bluray
Marvel Studios

Meanwhile, here is the official cover art of the film's Blu-ray: 

Doctor Strange 2 Best Buy
Marvel Studios

The cover art of the film's Best Buy steelbook features the three Doctor Strange Variants: 

Doctor Strange 2
Marvel Studios

The report listed three deleted scenes, mainly focusing on Bruce Campbell's Pizza Poppa from Earth-838: 

Deleted Scenes

  • A Great Team - A journalist questions Doctor Strange’s integrity.
  • Pizza Poppa - Bruce is relieved when Doctor Strange’s spell ends.
  • It's Not Permanent - Bruce tries to accuse Doctor Strange of being an imposter. 

Multiverse of Madness' bonus features also include three featurettes, exploring the "humble beginnings" of America Chavez, Sam Raimi's return to the director's chair, and a "playful informative featurette" about constructing the narrative around the Multiverse: 


  • Method of Madness - Join various crew members and Marvel employees in interviews as they discuss their love of Sam Raimi and all the details of Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness that make it quintessentially Raimi.
  • Introducing America Chavez - In this short and fun profile piece, we’ll learn about America’s humble beginnings in the comics. We’ll meet Xochitl Gomez and discuss the complications her character’s unique power presents for the future of the MCU.
  • Constructing the Multiverse - Writing a feature film for Marvel is no easy task. In this playful yet informative featurette, we’ll dive into the challenges that writer Michael Waldron faced in creating the twisting and turning story of Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness. 

A gag reel is also featured in the extras: 


  • Gag Reel - Take a look at some of the fun outtakes on set with the cast and crew of Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness. 

Lastly, an audio commentary is also part of the extra goodies for fans: 

Audio Commentary

  • View the film with audio commentary by Sam Raimi, Richie Palmer, and Michael Waldron.

Here's a full look at the inclusions of the limited edition Best Buy steelbook: 

Doctor Strange 2


Will Marvel Release More Doctor Strange 2 Deleted Scenes?

It is unknown if Marvel Studios will release more deleted scenes for Doctor Strange 2 when it arrives on Blu-ray, but for now, it looks like there will only be three cut sequences that are part of the collection.

The fact that two of the three scenes are mainly focused on Bruce Campbell's Pizza Poppa is intriguing, considering that he is a minor character. In addition, the "Pizza Poppa" deleted scene appears to be the sequel's actual post-credits scene, but it's possible that this could be an extended sequence filled with jokes from Campbell's Earth-838 character. 

There is also other evidence relating to Multiverse of Madness' deleted scenes in the past weeks. A set video revealed that Rintrah has a scrapped scene in the movie while Defender Wong was supposed to appear in a sequence on Earth-838. 

Another notable deleted scene is the opening sequence involving Wanda and Earth-616's Baron Mordo. Marvel Studios may still use that scene in a future project, allowing Mordo to return. 

Whatever the case, Marvel will likely unveil if there will be more deleted scenes that will be included in the days leading up to July 26.

For now, Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness is still playing in theaters worldwide. 

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