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Every Doctor Strange 2 Multiverse of Madness Character

While an Avengers movie is currently absent from Marvel Studios' Phase 4 slate, Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness carried fans over with its colossal crossovers. The sequel to the 2016 original united Benedict Cumberbatch's Stephen Strange with Elizabeth Olsen's Wanda Maximoff, while also introducing newcomer Xochitl Gomez's America Chavez. 

That said, the three top-billed stars were far from the only superheroes in this world.

With a concept like the Multiverse as the vehicle for Doctor Strange 2's story, fans were treated to alternate versions of numerous Marvel heroes. Surprise appearances from Earth-838 Variants and shock debuts in the post-credits scene left the supporting ensemble with nearly triple the character count than those showcased on the poster.

To keep track of everyone in this other-worldly adventure, here's every Marvel player that appears in Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness.

Every Character in Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness

WarningThe rest of this article contains spoilers from Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness.

1. Doctor Strange (Earth-616)

Doctor Strange Multiverse of Madness

The Marvel Cinematic Universe's resident good doctor is back where he belongs. Despite being hyped up as an Avengers-lite movie, this Doctor Strange sequel is very much Benedict Cumberbatch's movie.

Doctor Strange is roped into another unexpected conflict when America Chavez rolls into his universe and the Scarlet Witch begins to threaten the fabric of reality. While his travels across the Multiverse do not come without consequences, the MCU's Strange ultimately makes it out of Multiverse of Madness relatively unscathed. In fact, his vision gets an improvement.

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2. Scarlet Witch

Wanda Multiverse of Madness

The MCU's Daenerys Targaryen completes her turn to the dark side in Doctor Strange 2. Elizabeth Olsen picks up where WandaVision left off, utilizing the Darkhold's wicked teachings to chase America Chavez throughout the Multiverse.

Unlike WandaVision, Olsen is in full Scarlet Witch form. Fans see glimpses of the human Wanda Maximoff at times, but the chaos magic wielder is in the driver's seat for the full runtime. While her efforts to get her children back are unsuccessful, the destructive path she paved en route to tearing down Mount Wundagore is apparent.

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3. America Chavez

America Chavez Doctor Strange

The MacGuffin of Multiverse of Madness comes in the form of a character. Xochitl Gomez's America Chavez is hunted down by the Scarlet Witch throughout the 126 minutes of the movie, as the wicked sorceress seeks out her Multiversal powers.

Chavez possesses the unique ability to conjure star portals that transport her to different universes. While this power begins as something only triggered in moments of distress, Chavez is able to control it by the film's end. She leaves Doctor Strange 2 by beginning sorcerer training at Kamar-Taj.

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4. Wong

Wong Doctor Strange

Benedict Wong's Wong continues to dominate Phase 4. The Sorcerer Supreme makes his third MCU appearance in less than a year's time, and lives to see another day.

Wong spends the majority of this film alongside the Scarlet Witch, unwillingly guiding her to Mount Wundagore. He then aids an undead Doctor Strange in his fight against Scarlet Witch in the film's final battle, before returning to Kamar-Taj to oversee the reconstruction and youngling training.

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5. Master Mordo

Mordo Doctor Strange

The MCU's Mordo is nowhere to be seen, but Chiwetel Ejiofor's Master Mordo Variant commands significant screen time. As seen in the trailers, this version of Mordo sports dreadlocks and is his universe's Sorcerer Supreme.

Master Mordo is also a member of the Illuminati, an assembly of Earth-838's best and brightest. While his companions suffer dark fates at the hands of the Scarlet Witch, Master Mordo just barely makes it out of the slaughter scene alive.

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6. Nicodemus West

Nicodemus West Doctor Strange

Despite being one of the top-billed actors in the movie, Michael Stuhlbarg's Nicodemus West only appears in Doctor Strange 2 briefly. West is present at Christine Palmer's wedding, revealing the torment he went through during the Blip and taunting the MCU's Stephen Strange for his failure to marry Christine.

7. Christine Palmer (Earth-616)

Christine Palmer Doctor Strange

Rachel McAdams returns as the lost lover of Stephen Strange. Christine Palmer marries another man in the film's first act, much to the chagrin of Stephen. Regardless, Christine's conversation with her ex-fiancé helps push Stephen to pursue the happiness he's long left to being a low priority.

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8. Gargantos

Gargantos Doctor Strange

The tentacled titan makes his MCU debut in one of Doctor Strange 2's beginning battles. First speculated to be Shuma-Gorath, Gargantos pursues America Chavez at the command of the Scarlet Witch. Despite wrecking shop on the New York City block, Gargantos meets a gruesome end at the magical hands of Doctor Strange.

9. Defender Strange

Doctor Strange, Multiverse of Madness

The first Doctor Strange fans meet is not the one from the MCU. Defender Strange, the ponytail-rocking Variant, chases after the Book of Vishanti with America Chavez as a demonic monster is in hot pursuit. 

This alternate Strange is killed by the monster but is able to help Chavez escape before his final breath. Defender Strange is resurrected by the end of the film, as the MCU's Strange dreamwalks into his zombified body to confront the Scarlet Witch.

10. Supreme Strange

Supreme Strange

Another Doctor Strange that fans meet is Earth-838's Supreme Strange. This version of the sorcerer was believed by the general populous to have died honorably fighting Thanos, but was instead executed by the Illuminati for his reckless misuse of the Darkhold.

11. Professor X

Doctor Strange 2 MCU Professor X

Patrick Stewart makes his long-awaited MCU debut as Professor Charles Xavier. Introduced as the leader of the Illuminati, Professor X rolls up in his iconic yellow wheelchair from the animated series.

Professor X reveals that his universe's Doctor Strange was killed by the Illuminati in order to protect the Multiverse. This reveal leads into the Scarlet Witch's invasion of Illuminati HQ, which culminates in a mental battle between the two. Unfortunately for the veteran mutant, that conflict concludes with his neck snapped in half.

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12. Thanos (Earth-838 Corpse)


Right before Strange meets his end, viewers get a sweeping shot of the Illuminati on Titan. This comes in the immediate aftermath of their defeat of Thanos, who's corpse is shown for a brief moment.

This iteration of Thanos was defeated by Supreme Strange, who used the Darkhold to dreamwalk into other Variants of himself to discover new ways to battle the Mad Titan. This strategy cost Supreme Strange his purity, as tapping into the forbidden textbook corrupted the clean-shaven sorcerer. Beyond that, dreamwalking to defeat Thanos set an Incursion in motion, colliding two worlds and resulting in the death of trillions.

13. Captain Carter

Captain Carter

Hayley Atwell makes her live-action return to Marvel, bringing an animated Variant to life. Captain Peggy Carter, Earth-838's Super Soldier, sits on the Illuminati council alongside Professor X and four others.

Captain Carter goes beyond lecturing Doctor Strange, as she takes the fight to the Illuminati's unwelcomed guest, but ends taking a vibranium frisbee right through the stomach.

14. Captain Marvel (Maria Rambeau)

Captain Marvel Variant, Doctor Strange 2
Marvel Studios

Another Illuminati member confirmed by trailers, Lashana Lynch reprises her role as Maria Rambeau from 2019's Captain Marvel. In this universe, Rambeau herself is Captain Marvel, dripped out in a sleek silver and black suit.

Rambeau does what she can against Maximoff, but is left crushed by a statue.

15. Black Bolt

Doctor Strange 2 MCU Black Bolt

The leader of the Inhumans makes his official MCU debut in Doctor Strange 2's first surprise appearance. Anson Mount reprises his role as Blackagar Boltagon from ABC's Inhumans, silently sitting on the Illuminati.

Imbued with the ability to destroy cities with a single word, Black Bolt is the Illuminati member tasked with dealing the death blow to his universe's Doctor Strange. A single whisper of "I'm sorry" reduces Strange to atoms. That ability is used against Black Bolt in his final moments, as Scarlet Witch removes his mouth, consequently ricocheting a shocked scream right back into his own head.

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16. Mr. Fantastic

Doctor Strange 2 MCU Mr Fantastic John Krasinski

The fan campaign paid off. John Krasinski makes his MCU debut as Reed Richards, the leader of the Fantastic Four and his universe's smartest man alive.

Richards confirms to the Scarlet Witch that he is a father, hinting at the beginning of a lineage that ends with Kang the Conqueror, and that he is married, indicating Sue Storm is out there somewhere. Mr. Fantastic meets the same end as most of his fellow Illuminati members, as his stretching abilities are turned against him when Scarlet Witch shreds him into strings.

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17. Billy Maximoff

Billy Maximoff in WandaVision

Julian Hilliard reprises his role from WandaVision in Doctor Strange 2 as a comic fan-favorite character, Billy Maximoff. Although he did not use his abilities in Multiverse of Madness, his powers include manipulating psionic energy, just like his mother, the Scarlet Witch.

18. Tommy Maximoff

Tommy Maximoff In Wandavision

The other half of the Maximoff twins, Jett Klyne also reprises his iconic role as Tommy Maximoff in Multiverse of Madness. Unlike his brother, who takes on powers similar to the Scarlet Witch, Tommy takes on super-speed powers similar to his uncle, Quicksilver.

19. Rintrah

Doctor Strange 2 MCU Rintrah

Minotaurs in the MCU! Fan-favorite Rintrah makes his MCU debut as a student at Kamar-Taj, but doesn't do much beyond helping to protect the dojo during the Scarlet Witch's siege. Rest assured, Rintrah makes it out of the onslaught alive.

20. Kamar-Taj's Mystic Artists

Sara Doctor Strange

Aside from Rintrah, Kamar-Taj is home to many other named sorcerers who are given defined roles in this movie. Topo Wresniwiro reprises his role as Master Hamir from 2016's Doctor Strange, while Sheila Atim and Ako Mitchell debut as Sara and Charlie, respectively.

Daniel Swain also appears as the London Master, and Momo Yeung joins him as the Hong Kong Master.

21. Christine Palmer (Earth-838)

Christine Palmer Doctor Strange

Rachel McAdams' largest contribution to Doctor Strange 2 comes as the Illuminati's Christine Palmer, a Variant of Stephen Strange's love interest on Earth-616. Palmer works for the Illuminati, and notes she was inspired to join the Baxter Foundation following Supreme Strange's death.

Despite the slaughter at Illuminati HQ, Palmer makes it out alive. She aids the MCU's Doctor Strange in his dreamwalking endeavors, before saying goodbye to the sorcerer as he returns to his universe.

22. Sinister Strange

Doctor Strange 2 MCU Sinister Strange

The final universe Doctor Strange travels to brings him to a desolate world. The only living soul he comes across is a three-eyed Doctor Strange who looks like he hasn't had a good night's rest in years.

Dubbed "Sinister Strange" by marketing materials, this evil Variant is consumed by the temptations of the Darkhold. He engages in mystical and musical fisticuffs with the MCU's Strange, leading to the latter taking the victory.

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23. Wanda Maximoff (Earth-838)

Doctor Strange 2 MCU Wanda variant

The MCU's Wanda is all Scarlet Witch, but Earth-838's iteration is very much the motherly Maximoff fans know from WandaVision. Earth-838's Wanda is used by the Scarlet Witch for dreamwalking purposes, but also has her own intimate moments with her sons.

24. Pizza Poppa

Doctor Strange 2 MCU Bruce Campbell

Bruce Campbell makes his patented Sam Raimi cameo as Earth-838's "Pizza Poppa." Campbell pokes fun at Cumberbatch's Doctor Strange, resulting in him being locked in a punching himself spell for days on end.

25. Clea

Doctor Strange clea post-credits

Charlize Theron makes her MCU debut in Doctor Strange 2's first post-credits scene. Theron is playing Clea, a love interest of Strange's and future Sorcerer Supreme on the comic page.

Clea confronts Doctor Strange on Earth-616, noting his actions caused an "incursion" and commands him to follow her into the Dark Dimension.

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Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness is in theaters now.

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