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Right in the heart of Phase 3 from the Marvel Cinematic Universe, ABC and Marvel Television brought their third team-up effort to the small screen with the eight-episode Inhumans series. Although both Agents of SHIELD and Agent Carter earned plenty of positive response from fans and critics before Inhumans, this series became one of Marvel's biggest flops and was canceled after only one season.

Inhumans had a rough go right from the start, having originally been planned as a Phase 3 movie before their story became a big part of Seasons 2 and 3 in Agents of SHIELD.  Once the show actually aired in late 2016, it only went further downhill as it misused its core heroes at every turn, leading to some of the worst reviews for any Marvel project ever.

Even with the negativity surrounding the Inhumans, there is still hope for the mysterious team to join the MCU in an official capacity, especially with better quality. More than five years after the show came to an end, one of its leading stars has also shared that he wants another shot at his role in the future.

Inhumans Actor Wants Another Crack at Marvel

Maximus, Inhumans

Inhumans star Iwan Rheon spoke with ComicBook about potentially playing Maximus again in another capacity for Marvel.

When asked about a potential return, Rheon said that he would "love to do Maximus again" if he got the opportunity. He described the role as "a really interesting character" and didn't hesitate about revisiting the story:

"I'll take anything really. I'd love to have another crack at -- I'd love to do Maximus again. I think he's a really interesting character. And also I feel a bit sorry for him, because he is just stuck on the Moon still, but yeah, I'd love to do any of that stuff. Anything. I'm not fussy, give me anything."

Will Marvel Revive The Inhumans?

Rhoen embodied the role of Maximus in Inhumans, who served as Black Bolt's younger brother and the scorned Inhuman prince ruling over the group's kingdom on the moon. Once Black Bolt, Medusa, and the rest of the royal family were transported down to Earth, Maximus led a takeover effort before Black Bolt eventually defeated him at the end of the eight-episode run.

Due to the show's poor reception, it would seem unlikely that Rheon's first run as the character will become MCU canon, allowing for the group to get a fresh start sometime in the future. Should the Inhumans get that chance, it's clear that the actor is more than willing to revisit the complicated character, especially with so many stories still on the table.

At the moment, there are no official plans or rumors for the Inhumans to come back into the fold within the MCU. It may be more difficult now as well with the X-Men coming into play after the Fox merger, but that shouldn't mean that these characters don't have a place in the expanding Marvel universe.

Season 1 of Inhumans is currently available to stream on Disney+.

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