Disney+ Removed a Beloved MCU Show 1 Year Ago - It's Now Finally Back Online

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A fan-favorite MCU show has returned to the interwebs after being deleted from Disney+ last May. 

As part of a 2023 cost-cutting initiative by the Walt Disney Company, Disney+ purged various TV shows and movies from the platform, several of which landed under the MCU banner. 

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MCU Show Disney+ Removed Returns Online 

A year after Runaways was removed from Disney+, all three seasons of the MCU teen superhero show are back online, but not on the Disney-owned streamer. 

Instead, Runaways is now available to stream via The CW app

Created for Hulu and set within the Marvel Cinematic Universe, Runaways follows six teenagers who team up after discovering their parents' supervillain identities.

The Marvel Television show ran between 2017 and 2019 and was well-received. Today, it sits at an 84% critic rating and 69% audience score on Rotten Tomatoes.

Since both Disney+ and Hulu removed the show in May 2023, and due to the series never receiving a physical release, viewing options have been limited. 

But now, in addition to its surprising new home on The CW, episodes can still be purchased on select digital platforms. 

A New Home for Marvel's Runaways

While fans of Runaways now have streaming access to the show's three seasons once more, it's unclear whether The CW app is a permanent home for the comic book show.

Due to new ownership, the CW has been doing some project purging of its own with Superman & Lois, and thus the Arrowverse, ending this fall, and All American: Homecoming likely to follow

Therefore, the fan-favorite Runaways may only be an experiment for the transitioning network. 

The real question is whether Disney and Marvel Studios will ever bring the teen comic book drama back into the fold. 

While that remains to be seen, it's worth noting that Marvel Television series have become commonplace on Disney+. 

And, while the streamer only removed the show a year prior, a lot has changed since then, including the Disney+ and Hulu merger. 

If the MCU show performs well on The CW app, it will be interesting to see how the Walt Disney Company responds and if the decision is reversed to finally bring Runaways home. 

All three seasons of Runaways are now available to stream via The CW app.

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