Disney+ Hulu Announces Release of Major DC Superhero Movies on Platform

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Disney+ announced one of the most surprising releases in history: three movies featuring DC superheroes will be available on Disney+ and Hulu.

Disney+ is best known as the home of Marvel and Star Wars' biggest heroes. It regularly adds new content from both universes as new projects are developed and released.

On the other hand, while DC projects are most commonly found on Warner Bros.-based streamer Max, different entries can also be found across the streaming landscape.

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DC Superhero Movies Arrive on Disney+

As part of a new "Next On Disney+" video on YouTube, Disney+ announced the arrival of three blockbuster movies from the DC Extended Universe to both Hulu and Hulu on Disney+.

2017's Wonder Woman, 2019's Shazam!, and 2023's Shazam! Fury of the Gods are now all available to watch via Disney's two-library streaming bundle. This is not the first time that DCEU movies have streamed on the Disney-owned platform, as 2020's Harley Quinn: Birds of Prey streamed on Hulu in late 2023.

These movies' Disney+/Hulu debuts also come after the 2022 DC animated movie, DC League of Super-Pets, began streaming on Hulu on March 26.

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Will More DC Movies Come to Disney+ or Hulu?

It is difficult to predict if or when other DC movies will be available to stream on Disney+ or Hulu since those deals are largely kept under wraps.

Disney even previously bid for the streaming rights to a Batman show in 2022, which opens the door for other DC properties to move to another new streaming venue.

For now, fans can enjoy three of the DCEU's 16 movies on Disney's home for streaming, giving fans a chance to enjoy some of the most memorable moments in franchise history there.

Whether the rest of the franchise joins that trio in the future is still unknown, although fans will be looking to see what happens in the coming months with the greater DC Universe.

Wonder Woman, Shazam!, and Shazam! Fury of the Gods are now streaming on Hulu and Hulu on Disney+.

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