Why Did Disney Plus Just Change Color to Teal-Green?

By Savannah Sanders Posted:
Disney Plus app color changes

The Disney+ icon just received a makeover and subscribers don't know why. 

Since the Walt Disney Company's streaming service launched on November 12, 2019, its app icon color scheme has been a dark blue hue. 

But on March 21, fans noticed that Disney suddenly swapped its long-standing blue backdrop for a new teal-green.

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Why Did Disney+ Change Color to Teal-Green?

Comparison old and new Disney+ color schemes
Disney+ apps

The most obvious reason for the color change is Disney+'s continued integration with Hulu, which first began last year. 

Disney Bundle subscribers have had access to a beta version of the combined streamers Since December, allowing them access to Hulu content (which appeals to an older audience than traditional Disney fare) through the Disney+ app. 

The rollout of Disney+'s new teal color scheme, which is a blend of Hulu green and Disney blue, is likely a precursor to the upcoming one-app experience that's expected to debut sometime this month. 

The color shift may also be due to Disney+ shifting from a family-friendly brand to one that appeals to more general and mature audiences (think Netflix) as well as what the Walt Disney Company is currently wanting to convey.

In terms of color psychology, Disney+'s original dark blue hue is typically associated with dependability & trust, but also evoked a sense of fun, all of which supported Disney's initial goal of showcasing its family brand focus. 

But in absorbing Hulu's signature green, Disney+'s new teal tone maintains some of the emotions associated with blue yet with an overall style that feels slightly more grown-up.

In the midst of Disney's Hulu transition as well as investor concerns over streaming profitability, the House of Mouse is more open than ever before to expanding its brand beyond its core family-friendly fare, and this color change could reflect that.

At the time of writing, Disney has yet to confirm its reasons for Disney+'s recent color swap.

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More Changes on the Way for Disney+?

Since Disney CEO Bob Iger returned to his position in late 2022, the Walt Disney Company has been reenvisioning its organization, output, goals, and streaming strategy. 

Of course, choosing to merge Disney+ and Hulu was a huge part of this initiative, and it's only just begun. 

The real test is whether the change lends itself to profitability and Disney's new vision, but that won't fully be known until months, if not years, from now.

But for now, while Disney+'s new teal-green aesthetic is only cosmetic, it is evident that the Disney+ of 2019 is not the same streamer of 2024, and more changes are still to come.

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