Deadpool and Wolverine Popcorn Buckets: Where to Buy & When They'll Release

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Deadpool and Wolverine popcorn bucket

The need for information about where and when theater-goers can buy the eagerly-awaited Deadpool & Wolverine popcorn buckets is rising.

2024 marked a new era for themed popcorn buckets when the marketing tour for Dune: Part Two introduced a bucket inspired by the film's sandworms. This caused quite a stir over social media as the visual quickly went viral.

Not to be outdone, Deadpool star Ryan Reynolds teased that Deadpool & Wolverine's bucket would not be one to miss.

Where To Buy the Deadpool & Wolverine Popcorn Buckets

In late March, Deadpool & Wolverine star Ryan Reynolds shared the design for the film's first official popcorn bucket that will be available for purchase.

The bucket is inspired by the head of Hugh Jackman's Wolverine and comes complete with the character's comic-accurate cowl. 

The popcorn goes into the character's wide-open mouth, making for quite the explicit experience, given Deadpool and Wolverine's unsurprising official R-rating.

Deadpool & Wolverine popcorn bucket
Ryan Reynolds

Reynolds' social media post promoting the Wolverine bucket was later reposted by the official AMC Theatres account, seemingly indicating that it would be sold at AMC theater chains.

However, when Variety officially reported on the bucket in March, the theater chain did not comment on any details regarding its price, availability, or release timeframe.

Regal Cinemas also shared an ad for a separate Deadpool & Wolverine-themed popcorn bucket, but the video did not reveal the bucket itself. Instead, the 16-second ad cut away to a card that reads, "TVA Warning, Signal interrupted to prevent Multiverse spoilers," saving the reveal for a later date.

TVA warning in advertisement for Deadpool & Wolverine popcor. bucket that reads

Most recently, Cinemark Theatres' social media pages shared a video teasing a third Deadpool & Wolverine popcorn bucket design, this one also modeled from Wolverine's head, but instead of the hero's mouth facing upward like in AMC's design, his head is positioned upright. Fans can expect this bucket design to be unveiled in full by mid-July:

Cinemark Deadpool and Wolverine popcorn bucket tease

The prices for these three popcorn buckets are currently unconfirmed.

Notably, the Dune: Part Two bucket was priced at $25. Based on that price point, the buckets for Deadpool & Wolverine are expected to run at a similar price, if not slightly higher.

In 2023, the popcorn bucket for Barbie came in at a pricey $65, which could leave a higher price for this new one on the table as well.

When Will Deadpool 3’s Popcorn Buckets Release?

While the Deadpool & Wolverine popcorn buckets do not have an official release date, information is available on when comparable buckets were made available over the past year.

Barbie's bucket was available in local AMC chains on July 2, 2023, nearly three weeks ahead of the film's July 21 theatrical debut (via Reddit).

However, the AMC Theatres bucket for Mean Girls came out slightly after the film's debut, arriving in theater chains on January 13 (one day after the movie's January 12 premiere).

Fans saw the Dune: Part Two bucket officially released on February 29, only one day before the sequel came to the big screen on March 1. 

However, IGN reported that the buckets could be purchased at local chains before then. That happened as early as February 8, three weeks before the second Dune film's debut.

Based on these reports, Deadpool 3's Wolverine popcorn bucket will likely start appearing in AMC chains in early July and be officially available before the movie's July 26 release date.

As for Regal theaters, the only movie with popcorn bucket data available is March's Ghostbusters: Frozen Empire. That sequel's bucket was released close to March 17, the same week as the movie's March 22 debut date.

Considering that, the Regal bucket for Deadpool 3 should be on shelves the week it arrives in theaters.

Deadpool & Wolverine slashes its way into theaters on July 26.

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