Inside Out 2 Popcorn Buckets from AMC & Regal: Where to Buy Core Memory & Angry Buckets

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Disney's Inside Out 2 has two popcorn buckets fans can pick up at AMC and Regal theaters. 

While themed popcorn buckets are no new phenomenon in the world of tentpole blockbusters, the snack-themed marketing items have gained a new level of attention in the last few months thanks to the (now infamous) Dune 2 sandworm bucket.

Since Dune Part 2's release, movie marketing teams have jumped on the popcorn bucket bandwagon with a renewed passion, with major blockbuster ventures like Deadpool & Wolverine and Pixar's latest animated sequel being the latest to get in on the bizarre movie snack trend.

Inside Out 2: Where To Buy AMC's Core Memory Popcorn Bucket

Inside Out 2 Core Memory popcorn bucket advertisement

The first of the Inside Out 2 popcorn buckets fans can get their hands on is the core memory bucket, themed after the core memory orbs seen in the animated sequel. 

This bright yellow bucket is fairly unique. It is a light-up sphere with a large drink holder in its center. 

It also comes with one of nine mystery emotion toppers, including a character from the film that attaches to the top of the drink holder.

All nine of the movie's primary emotions can be collected, but only one comes with each purchase. 

The core memory bucket can be purchased for an additional cost ($23.99 + tax) at any AMC theater where the movie is playing. 

However, these buckets went on sale on June 13, so stock may be limited.

Inside Out 2: Where To Buy Regal Cinemas' Anger Popcorn Bucket

Regal Cinemas Inside Out 2 Anger popcorn bucket

Inside Out 2's entry into the bizarre world of popcorn buckets, though, comes in the form of Regal Cinema's Anger bucket. 

This snack-holding vessel is based on Anger's design from the movie (played by Lewis Black) and is modeled after the face of the hot-heated character. 

Fans can eat out of Anger's cranium, with a little slot down his back to refill the popcorn.

What is even more hilarious is Anger has an annoyed look on his popcorn bucket's face, as though he knows his skull is being violated by salty, buttery movie snacks and that moviegoers will be picking their treats out from within his animated body.

The Anger popcorn bucket can be bought at Regal Cinemas and ordered online for $23.95. 

Supplies for the Anger popcorn bucket may be limited and will only be available until they sell out. 

Inside Out 2 is in theaters worldwide now. 

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