Deadpool 3's Mind-Blowing Cast Teased by Marvel Creator Amid X-Men Cameo Rumors

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The cast of Marvel Studios' Deadpool 3, including the possibility of some X-Men-related cameos in the MCU, just got teased in a big way by Deadpool's creator.

Deadpool 3 looks to break the MCU's Multiverse more than any movie released thus far, starting by bringing Hugh Jackman into the franchise for his first full run as Wolverine under the Marvel Studios umbrella.

He'll team up with Ryan Reynolds and a number of already-established actors from the first two Deadpool films, although the cast list will also include a number of fan-favorite characters from recent MCU stories as well.

Deadpool Creator Teases Crazy Deadpool 3 Cast

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Speaking with the Nuke the Fridge YouTube channel, Deadpool creator Rob Liefeld teased the various X-Men cameos that could become a reality in Marvel Studios' Deadpool 3.

While he wouldn't reveal any specifics, Liefeld exclaimed that the information he knows "will melt your face," using that phrasing twice as he hinted at what's on the way:

"The stuff I know, it will melt your face, alright? That's all I'm going to say, it'll melt your face!"

Liefeld was also asked about the rumors of legacy X-Men characters showing up in the movie and if the rumors ever get close to being right.

He looked back to a conversation he had with Marvel Studios president Kevin Feige, who wanted the comic writer's "input on some decisions" as Marvel considered its options for Deadpool 3:

"I see what you're doing. Look, here's the deal, guys. You know what, I was very honored. Mr. Feige reached out to me late last summer, wanted my input on some decisions. Then we had a follow-up meeting with the producers. I was just honored that they wanted to have my input and they would say, 'We're considering a lot of different roads, a lot of different paths.' 

While he knew some of what was happening in Deadpool 3, including Ryan Reynolds and Hugh Jackman's reunion, he also teased that the cast list will blow fans' minds when the entire thing is revealed to the public:

"Some stuff I was aware of, I had to be quiet before it was announced. I knew Hugh and Ryan were getting back together for 'Wolverine 3.' I've been very fortunate people put stuff in front of me. And trust me, all I'm saying is, I saw that cast list. I think people are just going to freakin' get blown away, and I'm not saying shit more than what I just said."

Which X-Men Will Cameo in Deadpool 3?

Besides rumors teasing the return of the X-Force team from Deadpool 2, fans are already imagining some of the big names from the classic X-Men movies that could reprise their roles again in Deadpool 3.

For example, Storm actress Halle Berry was recently seen donning a hairstyle that looked eerily similar to the one she rocked for Marvel and 20th Century Fox, hinting that she may be in line for a comeback as the weather-based mutant.

Additionally, this isn't even the first time that Liefeld teased the cameo potential for this new outing, previously urging Marvel to let Deadpool interact with the MCU's biggest names upon his arrival.

And with Owen Wilson and Tara Strong already heavily rumored to be a part of this movie as Mobius and Miss Minutes after their time in Loki, the sky is truly the limit for who else could pop up alongside the Merc with a Mouth.

Deadpool 3 is now set to release in theaters on May 3, 2024.

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