Deadpool 3 Receives Hilarious Update From Official Twitter Account

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It's been quite a long time since fans have seen Ryan Reynold's Deadpool. Nearly four years, in fact. Needless to say, people are anxious to see him put on the red suit once again. Thankfully, that day will come eventually, as Deadpool 3 is officially in development at Marvel Studios. The project even has a director in Free Guy's Shawn Levy, who has frequently collaborated with Reynolds in addition to working on projects like Netflix's Stranger Things.

So, when can the world expect the movie to finally hit theaters worldwide? That's a great question, one which is being consistently asked; it's just that no one seems to have the answer yet. Reynolds himself stated that updates on the film would arrive soon a few months ago, but fans have still been left without anything tangible besides a director at the helm.

After a couple of months of silence, thankfully, the official Deadpool Twitter account has spoken out and offered an update. It may not be what one would expect, but at least it's hilarious in an on-brand type of way.

Deadpool Nails Product Placement

The official Deadpool movie Twitter account has tweeted out an update on the progress of Deadpool 3, and fans can rest assured—"[they've] nailed down [the] brand integrations."

The post included a photo, an edited still image from Deadpool 2, that features several nods to ventures owned by star Ryan Reynolds, including the Mint Mobile jacket Rob Delaney's character is wearing, the Aviation Gin bottle on the table, the logo for the actor's company Maximum Effort on the TV, and a poster on the corkboard for Wrexham FC, which he also owns.

The post goes on to joke about the next steps in the development process: "Story, character, and script next!"

"We’ve nailed down brand integrations. Story, character, and script next!"

Deadpool, Marvel, Ryan Reynolds


The Hilarious Deadpool Humor is Back

Ryan Reynold's brand of humor has defined the actor's career, and not to mention, has also made Deadpool the star he has become today. So, of course, it's always great to see more of it. Though, as giggle-inducing as this Twitter post may be, fans are undoubtedly wishing there was something more substantial.

The most recent updates before this were actually far more than any expected; the project got its director announced, and the lead actor also seemingly teased the first returning cast member

So, when will Deadpool 3 actually see the light of day? With how swamped the current MCU slate is, the absolute earliest would be late next year, but 2024 is the more likely option. That's quite a distance away, and by the time it arrives, six years will have passed since the second film.

With all of that said, Reynolds should definitely take his time developing the return of the character. The writer, actor, and comedian has an overwhelmingly large new box of toys to play with, and he will undoubtedly take full advantage of them.

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