Deadpool 3: First Look at Ryan Reynolds' New Deadpool Variant Revealed (Photo)

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An eye-popping new image of Ryan Reynolds as a new Variant of Deadpool has appeared online ahead of Deadpool 3.

After four months away from set, Deadpool 3 returned to filming in late November to finish up the Multiversal threequel.

As the only movie being released by Marvel Studios in 2024, anticipation is high for Ryan Reynolds' first outing in the MCU, especially with Hugh Jackman returning as Wolverine.

Warning - this article contains potential spoilers for Deadpool 3.

Ryan Reynolds' New Deadpool 3 Variant

Spoiler-filled new images of Ryan Reynolds have been released from the set of Deadpool 3, via Daily Mail.

A new Deadpool Variant appears to make his debut in the film as the striking new image shows Reynolds with long hair, a non-scarred face, and a slightly altered suit.

In addition, the new batch of images gives fans another look at Hugh Jackman in his red and blue Wolverine suit and Dogpool.

Verifying that this long-haired look at Reynolds/Wade Wilson is a Variant, more images show the new version interacting with Jackman and what appears to be the prime Variant of (unmasked) Deadpool.

What Will Happen in Deadpool 3?

Hopefully, more official marketing will soon be released from Marvel Studios or Ryan Reynolds himself for Deadpool 3.

Many are hoping that the first teaser could be released on Sunday, February 11 during the Super Bowl, but that may be a bit premature for the July 26 release.

However, even without the official promotion, the vision for Deadpool 3 is growing more clear. The story pushing forward the multiverse will seemingly collide the Fox X-Men universe with the MCU.

It's become clear that beyond meeting familiar faces like Jennifer Garner or possibly even Taylor Swift, Deadpool 3 will also explore the idea of having several versions of Reynolds as Deadpool on screen.

This is similar to other Multiverse stories shown so far in the MCU like Spider-Man: No Way Home, Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness, and Loki.

Speaking of Loki, there's speculation based on previous set photos that the Void will be featured in Deadpool 3. The connections between the two may not stop there, with the possibility of TVA's Minutemen showing up and possibly playing a crucial part in the plot.

Moving back to how this is a follow-up to 2018's Deadpool 2, it's probable that Wade Wilson using Cable's time-travel machine at the end of the movie will somehow pull him into the Multiversal shenanigans.

At this rate, how many Deadpool Variants will be featured in the threequel? Hopefully, the eventual first trailer clears up some of the speculation. 

Deadpool 3 bursts into theaters on July 26.

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