Ryan Reynolds Confirms 6 Chilling Facts About Deadpool 3 Villain Cassandra Nova

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Wolverine and Cassandra Nova from Deadpool 3

It seems as though Ryan Reynolds was dropping hints about the villain of Deadpool & Wolverine through social media interactions.

In Marvel Studios’ singular 2024 film release, Deadpool & Wolverine, Wade Wilson puts on the red and black suit yet again to team up with Hugh Jackman’s iconic Wolverine, who’s got a special suit of his own.

Ryan Reynolds ‘Likes’ Intriguing Deadpool 3 Social Media Post

Cassandra Nova in Deadpool and Wolverine

Information posted by known scooper AlexFromCC on X (formerly Twitter) about Deadpool & Wolverine’s primary evildoer, Cassandra Nova (Emma Corrin) was interacted with by star Ryan Reynolds himself, in the form of the actor liking the post.

The text of the post in question can be seen below, and the very fact that Ryan Reynolds positively acknowledged it lends a great deal of credence to its accuracy.

According to AlexFromCC, Cassandra Nova has the following outstanding qualities:

  • “She’s Clever. 
  • She’s Sadistic. 
  • She’s got a very dark sense of humor.
  • She’s very fucking dangerous.
  • She will not hesitate to kill your fav. 
  • She’s a very real threat to the Multiverse.”

So that all sounds horribly ominous. Particularly the bit about not hesitating to kill favorite characters. Not to mention the extreme danger Nova poses to the Multiverse.

So, Who Exactly Is Cassandra Nova?

With seemingly verified details on the MCU’s take on Cassandra Nova, one might be wondering what her character from the comics is like and how those traits relate to her live-action counterpart.

The villainous Cassandra Nova is the sister of X-Men steward Professor Charles Xavier. To say there exists a sibling rivalry between the two would be to put it lightly.

When the two were still in their mother’s womb, Xavier‘s powerful telepathic abilities clued him into his still-embryonic sister’s incredibly dangerous potential. 

So he killed her, causing a stillbirth. But before that, Cassandra had attempted to asphyxiate Charles with his own umbilical cord. 

This pre-birth attempt on her life did not put any sort of end to Cassandra Nova. No, instead, she was able to gain some of Charles’ mental powers and use them create to manifest a body for herself.

From there, she used her special skills to wreak all manner of havoc, including, but not limited to, an attack on the Mutant haven of Genosha, assuming control of Charles Xavier’s body, and a personal vendetta against X-Men member Jean Grey.

But back to the MCU incarnation, who will be unleashed in July’s Deadpool & Wolverine

In the second trailer for the movie, Cassandra is seen emerging from the skull of a Giant-Man Variant. Behind her can be glimpsed an assortment of empty wheelchairs, strewn about.

The simple explanation for the wheelchairs is that Nova has likely been hunting down multiversal Variants of her brother and murdering them. This would more than tie in with Alex’s reports on the character’s sadism.

She also goes toe to toe with Logan in the newly-released footage. Wolverine bears his claws and barrels towards Cassandra, but she stops him dead in his tracks, using her powers to control his actions.

While it’s currently unclear if Deadpool and Wolverine’s Cassandra Nova has the same origin and backstory as the one who exists within the pages of the comic books, one thing is very clear: She’ll be a force to be reckoned with.

Marvel Studios’ Deadpool & Wolverine hits theaters on July 26.

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