DC Studios' First TV Show Gets New Release Window Announcement

By Sam Hargrave Posted:
James Gunn, DC Slate

DC Studios co-CEO James Gunn offered an update on when exactly Creature Commandos will arrive to start the new reboot.

While July 2025's Superman: Legacy was dubbed the "true beginning" of the new world by Gunn, the first release will come with Creature Commandos.

The animated Max TV show has had all seven episodes written by Gunn and will introduce a new line-up of monstrous characters played by a star-studded cast for something of a spin-off to 2021's The Suicide Squad.

Creature Commandos Receives Release Update from James Gunn

Creature Commandos

After James Gunn reaffirmed on Threads the DCU will start with Creature Commandos on Max in 2024, the DC Studios boss was asked by a fan whether the premiere is expected to come in early or late next year.

Gunn offered a quick response, simply saying, "Later," indicating Creature Commandos ought to come to Max towards the end of 2024.

Creature Commandos had already finished the writing stage under Gunn long before the writers' strike, and the same was true on the voiceover front, with the recording complete before the actors' movement began.

Therefore, the DCU's first show has fortunately not been impacted by the adjacent strikes and will still be placed to kick off the reboot in 2024.

Animation studio Bobbypills had once listed Creature Commandos for a 2025 release, sparking concerns of a delay, but Gunn was quick to dispel the listing on X (formerly Twitter) as a "well-intentioned mistake:"

"Yes, 'Creature Commandos' is all set to come out in 2024. There have never been any delays, thank goodness. Any info otherwise is a well-intentioned mistake or misspeaking."

In terms of exactly when next year fans can expect to see Creature Commandos on Max, the wording of "later" seems to imply it will come in the final third of the year, likely at some point between August and December.

But given the show has a monstrous theme and features some crazy creatures, it may be thematically appropriate if it were to kick off around the Halloween season in October, with new episodes likely releasing weekly for seven weeks.

Why Creature Commandos' Release Window Makes Perfect Sense

In many ways, a late 2024 premiere for Creature Commandos - and therefore the start of the new reboot - makes sense, both in terms of leaving enough time after the end of the DCEU and keeping the gaps small between DCU projects.

For one, this would nicely distance the series premiere from this month's Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom. A late 2024 debut allows almost a full year for fans to forget about the DCEU's disastrous final projects and for DC Studios to promote the reboot as a fresh and exciting start for the superhero universe.  

It would also help to reduce the gap between DCU projects, as, after Creature Commandos, there is not expected to be another one until Superman: Legacy comes to theaters in July 2025.

If the animated show were to start on Max in early 2024, fans would be left waiting almost a year for more from this new world.

With Creature Commandos set for late 2024, it wouldn't be shocking if fans were to catch the first trailer for the series out of San Diego Comic-Con in July.

After all, with the DCEU over, the Hollywood strikes concluded, and Superman in production by then, DC Studios will likely look to make a big splash at its first visit to the event.

Creature Commandos is now expected to premiere on Max in late 2024.

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