DC Erasing SnyderVerse References from The Flash Movie, Claims Rumor

By Richard Nebens Posted:
The Flash, Justice League heroes in background

DC Studios is rumored to be removing a number of references to the SnyderVerse in the newest DCU movie, The Flash.

As DC Studios co-CEOs James Gunn and Peter Safran slowly transition into the new era of the DC Universe, it also marks the final days of former DC director Zack Snyder's ties to the franchise as well.

Three of this year's four DC movies have direct ties to either characters or storylines from the SnyderVerse. This particularly applies to The Flash, which is rumored to actually help the DC Universe transition away from Snyder's story and towards the next set of movies and TV shows under James Gunn's watch.

But while Ezra Miller's hero played a huge role in everything that Snyder built over the years, it appears that fans shouldn't expect many ties to that story in the next DC solo movie.

The Flash Removing Ties to SnyderVerse

Geeks Worldwide's KC Walsh shared a rumor that The Flash will remove most of the more blatant references to Zack Snyder's Justice League and the rest of the SnyderVerse upon its debut.

Iris West, Barry Allen
Warner Bros.

Twitter user @AirTrafficAJ joked about Snyder's story being thrown out as a result of everything that happens in The Flash:

"LOL at the Snyder stuff being shitcanned"

In response, Walsh commented on how obvious this fact is, noting how Barry Allen hadn't time-traveled before and doesn't remember ever meeting his love interest, Iris West:

"It’s obvious as well, apparently he’s never traveled back in time before and doesn’t remember meeting Iris ever"

Warner Bros.

The Flash Film News added some context to this rumor, indicating that "the minor vague references are still there" even though the bigger ties to the SnyderVerse won't be included.

This comes after Walsh corroborated rumors from early 2022 indicating that The Flash would decanonize everything from the SnyderVerse.

Is the SnyderVerse Officially Over?

While Zack Snyder had the opportunity to share his complete vision for Justice League with the Snyder Cut on HBO Max, this rumor seems to confirm that Snyder's story will meet its end with The Flash.

The only question that remains now is exactly what ties to that universe will actually stay in the movie and where they'll be seen as Barry Allen travels across the Multiverse.

The movie's first trailer already teased some connection between Sasha Calle's Supergirl and Henry Cavill's Superman, with the official synopsis even mentioning the Man of Steel directly.

And with no direct ties to the SnyderVerse popping up in the marketing campaign thus far, only time will tell exactly how The Flash moves away from the past decade of storytelling in the DC Extended Universe.

The Flash will debut in theaters on June 16.

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