DC Announces Dead Boy Detectives Show for HBO Max

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Dead Boy Detectives, HBO Max

At the end of 2021, DC fans learned that an obscure property under the title of Dead Boy Detectives was in the works for a premiere on HBO Max, having already gotten a pilot order. The show seemed similar in feel to other previously lesser-known DC properties like Doom Patrol and Watchmen, taking a turn into more supernatural storytelling for this next adventure.

The Dead Boy Detectives made their live-action debut in Season 3 of Doom Patrol, played by Sebastian Croft and Ty Tennant (as exclusively reported by The Direct).

Initially created by graphic artist Neil Gaiman, Charles Rowland and Edwin Paine are ghosts of two dead young boys who decide to stay on Earth to investigate supernatural crimes rather than move into the afterlife. They've grown in popularity since their debut more than 30 years ago in DC Comics, all leading up to them being front and center in their own solo series.

Since the pilot was ordered in September 2021, Dead Boy Detectives has largely flown under the radar. Now, they come back to the forefront thanks to an official announcement from the studio that will bring the series to fruition.

Dead Boy Detectives on the Way

HBO Max announced on Twitter that Dead Boy Detectives is set to join the world of DC as a new series on the streaming service. It was initially ordered to pilot on HBO Max at the end of 2021, and it's now set to be an eight-episode series.

Dead Boy Detectives will star George Rexstrew and Jayden Revri as Edwin Payne (Rexstrew) and Charles Rowland (Revri), the two leading roles. Kassius Nelson will also appear as Crystal Palace.

Sarah Aubrey, head of original content at HBO Max, shared her excitement to see this show add to the DC Universe with a "thrilling new spin on a detective series." She also praised showrunner Steve Yockey along with Jeremy Carver and the Arrowverse's Berlanti team for their work on the project thus far:

“We are excited to be expanding further into the DC Universe with Steve, Jeremy and the Berlanti team with this thrilling new spin on a detective series. We were fascinated by the world of the Dead Boy Detectives that Steve and Jeremy first introduced in ‘Doom Patrol,’ and cannot wait to follow the supernatural sleuths in the lurid mysteries to come.”

There is no set release date for the show. The announcement came with the official teaser poster as well:

Dead Boy Detectives, HBO Max


HBO Max Expanding with Dead Boy Detectives

While details are scarce at the moment for the Dead Boy Detectives series, the simple fact that its first season has been ordered should bring plenty of excitement for fans.

Viewers gravitated to their portrayal in Season 3 of Doom Patrol, even though this show will be in a separate universe from its predecessor. Now that they've made their small screen debut in this capacity, they should have an easier transition into leading the way in their own eight-episode story.

Although HBO Max features projects from the DC Extended Universe as its headliners, including series like John Cena's Peacemaker, shows and movies from across the DC-verse have a home on this expansive streaming service. Warner Bros. is also not as adamant about only having one cohesive universe running at once, which should bode well for a newcomer like Dead Boy Detectives.

With numerous cast members already set, the wait now begins for production to start and for the show to get its eventual release date on HBO Max.

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