Star Wars Confirms Darth Vader's Return In 2024 Disney+ Show

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Darth Vader, Anakin Skywalker wallpaper

Star Wars is bringing back Darth Vader for its next Disney+ project.

Tales of the Empire, the second season of Lucasfilm's animated Tales of the Jedi from 2022, will highlight a gallery of the galaxy's baddies, including Barris Offee, Grand Admiral Thrawn, and General Grievous. 

Ahead of the new season's May 4 drop on Disney+, a new teaser offered the best look yet at the franchise's original Sith Lord. 

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Darth Vader's 2024 Return Revealed

Following a series of clips of Tales of the Empire's cast in action, a new promo titled "Revenge" re-established Darth Vader's role in the upcoming show. 

Along with the sound of Lord Vader's mechanical breathing, the new teaser featured two new shots of the fallen Chosen One. 

The first shows Vader over the shoulder of an unknown character as he goes to sit on what may be a throne.

Darth Vader in Tales of the Empire
Star Wars

Given the background, this scene may occur inside Fortress Inquisitorious, a location last seen on Disney+ in Obi-Wan Kenobi

The next and final shot is shown after Vader is seated and highlights his masked profile: 

Darth Vader in Tales of the Empire
Star Wars

Why Tales of the Empire Needs Darth Vader

While Darth Vader isn't expected to be a central character in Tales of the Empire, he is a central figure in the show's Imperial cast. 

Almost everyone in the series lineup has either worked with or crossed paths with Anakin Skywalker/Darth Vader. 

What will be particularly interesting is how Tales of the Empire will approach Barriss Offee's history with Darth Vader since she knew him as Anakin and before he fell to the Dark Side. 

Along those lines, another big question is whether the series will address what Thrawn knows about Darth Vader's identity and if that past plays any part in his live-action MandoVerse narrative.  

Tales of the Empire will drop its full season on Disney+ on Saturday, May 4.

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