Loungefly's New Star Wars Collectiv Collection Is Absolutely Worth Getting (Review)

By Russ Milheim Posted:
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A brand new collection from Loungefly, called The Collectiv, was just released and it's absolutely worth owning.

Loungefly was kind enough to send some samples over to The Direct to get a feel for them in hand, and they did not disappoint on the slights.

The samples given to the site were the Star Wars Rebel Alliance designs (with the other available options being Loki-themed). This included the MULTI-TASKR full-size backpack, EXECUTIV laptop bag, the VRSITY jacket, and MINIMALST wallet

Each piece in the Star Wars Rebel Alliance set shares common theming, with an orange and grey (both light and dark gradients) coloring and an excellent Rebel symbol printed across the material. While I wouldn't call the print subtle, it's just the right amount not to be overly aggregate or too at first glance.


Loungefly, Star Wars, Collective
The Direct

Starting with the MULTI-TASKR bag, it was easy to tell how great the quality was from the moment it was picked up.

The size of this particular piece makes it a perfect option to use as a primary travel bag or something to bring with you between classes or while working at events.

The design allows it to easily hold a number of things while keeping everything organized and tidy thanks to its various compartments and internal flaps. One particular aspect of this full-size backpack that makes it stand out is how rigid its structure is—an underappreciated aspect of any bag which  can directly affect its utility.

One can easily fit a full-size laptop, paperwork, some light audio or lighting equipment, writing utensils, and more in the main pouch alone.

For additional storage room, there’s another pocket on the outside that provides more space and a zipper that hides another little pouch (perfect for storing stuff like portable batteries). There’s even a space for a water bottle!

The inside lining for this bag and the EXECUTIV is great, with a fun visual pattern that fits in with the recurring Star Wars Rebellion motif.

The EXECUTIV Laptop Bag

Loungefly, Star Wars, Collectiv
The Direct

If the MULTI-TASKR bag is too big for the occasion, the next best thing is the EXECUTIV Laptop Bag.

While the full-size bag has internal organization, this bad takes it up a notch, doing its best to utilize all its internal space as efficiently as possible.

Obviously, this bag is made for someone carrying around a laptop, but other devices, such as an iPad Pro, also fit perfectly. This is a piece that would be really easy to recommend to nearly any college student—unless you’re carrying around a notably large amount of textbooks (maybe in that case, it would be good to go bigger).

One can opt to use the two handles of the bag, but it also comes with a larger shoulder strap as an additional carrying option.

The VARSTY Jacket and MINIMALISTC Wallet

Loungefly, Star Wars, Collective
The Direct

Of course, for anyone who is going for these bags, it’s only right to get matching outerwear.

Personally, I’m a tall dude, so the sleeves could be a tad bit longer. But everything else about it feels wonderful, and the sleeves aren’t short enough to keep me from proudly sporting it while out and about—such as when I attended Wonder Con 2024.

As for the wallet, it feels sturdy and has a slim form factor.

It is a bi-fold, so it won’t be the slimmest option out there, but it should fit comfortably in anyone’s pocket, even when stuffed. There’s a section for cash, with six different slots for various cards.

It’s worth noting that The Direct did not receive the EVRYDAY convertible backpack/crossbody bag; one could only assume its quality matches the other pieces in the collection.

Final Verdict on Loungefly's Collectiv?

The Collective line from Loungefly is absolutely worth picking up and is worth its premium cost. With the wide options available, fans shouldn’t have trouble picking the best for their situation.

If the Star Wars Rebellion or Loki designs don’t do it for you, odds are the Collectiv will only continue to grow over time—so be sure to keep an eye out.

To purchase any pieces from the Collectiv, be sure to check out this link.

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