Is Vader's Fall 2024 Disney Plus Series Real or Fake? New Show Speculation Explained

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Darth Vader and Anakin Skywalker

A viral post for a new Darth Vader Disney+ series has Star Wars audiences asking whether Vader's Fall is truly on the way.

The fallen Chosen One last took the live-action spotlight in 2022's Obi-Wan Kenobi, followed by brief cameos in Ahsoka on Disney+. But is Lucasfilm looking to grant the Sith Lord his own solo story?

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Is Vader's Fall Coming to Disney+?

Fake Vader's Fall Disney+ poster with the Disney+ logo and the text 'Order 66 was only the beginning' at the bottom

Unfortunately, the online buzz for Vader's Fall, a Disney+ series focused on Darth Vader, is fake.  

Much of the speculation stemmed from a fan-made poster with a tag-line that reads, "Order 66 was only the beginning," along with the following description:

"Join the hunt next Fall 2024, exclusively on Disney+, as secrets unfold, alliances shatter, and the galaxy is forever changed. May the Force be with you as you witness the rise of darkness and the hunt for Jedi in 'VADER'."

While Vader's Fall isn't currently part of Lucasfilm's Star Wars slate, it's understandable why fans would think so. 

Rumors of a Darth Vader series for Disney+ circulated online as early as 2020, and Hayden Christensen's enthusiasm is adding to fan hopes. 

When asked about his interest in his own Darth Vader spin-off series, the prequel trilogy star said, "Absolutely," as "[getting] to do more with this character would be amazing."

When asked a similar question by Extra TV, Christensen echoed his willingness by responding, "Yeah, sign me up..."

Will Star Wars Give Vader a Standalone Series?

This fabricated post for Vader's Fall isn't the only fan-made creation to disturb the Force.

For instance, a movie trailer advertising a fake Darth Vader standalone film also generated interest. 

Given the obvious fan interest in such a project, perhaps these fan posters and trailers will serve a purpose in motivating Lucasfilm to greenlight a film or series and let Hayden Christensen reprise his role once more. 

In the meantime, it's worth noting that Vader could make a cameo in Andor Season 2 for Disney+. Whether that appearance happens remains to be seen.

But given current frustrations with the Star Wars franchise and ongoing interest in more Vader, Lucasfilm may be open to revisiting its original villain.

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