Dakota Johnson Admits Her Spider-Man Spin-off Movie Was 'Wild' Experience

By Richard Nebens Posted:
Dakota Johnson, Madame Web, Spider-Man

Over a year ahead of Sony Pictures' Madame Web releasing in theaters, star Dakota Johnson reminisced on the experience she had making the movie.

Johnson has spent most of the last year busy on set filming her first superhero outing, where she'll lead Sony's latest Spider-Man film centered on a hero that's never been seen on the big screen before. This will be the latest new personality to get her own solo movie after October's Kraven the Hunter and January 2024's El Muerto as Cassandra Webb joins a world filled with nods and references to the web-slinger.

Johnson has remained relatively silent on her work throughout filming for Madame Web, sharing a simple "spider web" emoji when news about her casting first broke nearly a year ago.

Now, she's offered some new insight into the time she spent bringing this never-before-seen character to life as she takes her place in Sony's Spider-Man Universe.

Madame Web Star Highlights "Wild" Filming Experience

Dakota Johnson, Spider-Man

Speaking with Variety, Madame Web star Dakota Johnson pulled back the curtain on how her experience was in filming the Sony Spider-Man spin-off.

Johnson described it as "a wild experience," noting how it was something that nobody could truly prepare for fully. She also compared it to Daddio, a small film she transitioned to immediately after working with Sony Pictures, highlighting the "different kinds of cinema" she got to experience in 2022:

"It was a wild experience. It was something that I…I don’t think you can be prepped to go into anything like that, but I learned so much. It’s a completely different way of making films. And then, I went into making one of my company’s own tiny, tiny little movies right after, so I got a real taste of different kinds of cinema last year."

Dakota Johnson Gets the Sony Superhero Treatment

While Johnson didn't specify what she did for her role as Madame Web, it seems clear that she got the full superhero movie experience as she takes on another big blockbuster project.

Embracing the responsibilities of filming some exciting action sequences while embodying a Marvel personality that's largely flown under the radar in the comics, the actress had the chance to learn about a completely new genre and style of filmmaking.

After multiple Sony movies had their release dates pushed back on the schedule, fans will have to continue waiting to find out more about what made Johnson's experience on the movie so wild. But as those dates get closer, Johnson will also be able to share more details about her work as Madame Web while Sony looks to get its franchise in a better place with superhero movie fans.

Madame Web will premiere in theaters on February 16, 2024.

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